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 Exercise to reduce weight

 Vaccine Injury Ruling


 Gender Impacts Anorexigenic, Memory Effects of Intranasal Insulin

 The Amazing Healing Powers of Vinegar

 Hashimoto's disease


 Suppression of autoimmune disease after vaccination

 Living with Vulvodynia

Health Benefits of Terminalia Arjuna 









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              Osteporotic syndromes are autoimmune and easily and permanently treatable please read our e-book for permanent help.

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Every good thing that happens to you is from the will of God and every bad thing is due to your own actions." God


 Homeopathy Chemicals Cystic Fibrosis Diabetes drug link to weak bones SLE  MMF Lower your cholesstrol

 Nichole smith has SLE   Natural treatments of autoimmune diseases         new treatment Sand Bath

 Glutathione Sulphur Bath  Massage & Cancer Cure Quick Heart Cure Say No TO FORCED vaccination

  Massage Benefits Parkinson  Curry Powder Water chesnut 

 Sweet potatoes  highest vitamin e Beet Root  anti cancer research in autoimmune diseases

 protein treatment for autoimmune diseases Green tea  and cancer risk Polio drops details

 Dementia and exercise Exercise and weight loss   Sleep and stay fit   Sea Cucumbers stop malaria

 Behavior disorder in a teenager girl beware Autoantibodies in Chronic fatigue syndrome Chemicals Cystic Fibrosis Diabetes drug link to weak bones   Autoimmune Diabetes  IVIG and Kidney transplant

 Knee Injury  Polio drops hazards  chemicals killing whales  Plastic Bags Killing US  Limbic encephalitis  

 Liver Flush  Sex Benefits Sjogrens HONEY & COUGH Lahore   Dairy and childhood cancer

 Left Right Brain Test Depression Breast cancer Why?





 Magnetic Pollution Are you sure?

 Magnetic Stimulation

 MagneticFieldMap  NanoMedicine managed Care MS GENES

 Polymyalgia Achalasia U stay young  alternative to kitchen toxins

 Hair Chemicals Vaccine Reactions            Toxic Car  Toxic Car Seats

 Myopericarditis from Vaccination    Dioxin in water bottles NO NO

 Peanut allergy sooner  Safe Hair Color  Stem cells  SLE & GENES

 Toxic Baby Car Seats  Toxic Pesticide

 Spice Names

 transplant treatment


Morgellons Syndrome

Frequency and Nature of the Variant Syndromes of Autoimmune Liver Disease

Pesticides and diabetes

Lab pe aati hai dua ban ke  Read the prayer from a poets lips 

Fibromyalgia and “Perpetuating Factors”

Breast lymph drainage and massage

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Celiac disease & Osteoporosis

Cancer Links

Temporal arteritis headaches

Hair loss

The Serotonin Deficiency Syndrome:


Niacin deficiency

Thiamin (vitamin B1) deficiency