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"Every good thing that happens to you is from the will of God and every bad thing is due to your own actions." God




Heavy Metal




Smoking & disease

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MS new treatment

Chemicals & Genitals

Modern illness

Homeo remedies

Homeopathy & Gallstones


 Hair Chemicals

 Vaccine Reactions           

 Toxic Car

 Toxic Car Seats

 Myopericarditis from Vaccination  Is Myocarditis more serious or the Flu?

 Dioxin in water bottles NO NO

 Peanut allergy sooner

 Safe Hair Color

  Stem cells


 Toxic Baby Car Seats

 Toxic Pesticide

 Under active thyroid

 Best New Diet

 DHEA Fountain of Youth I though it was growth hormone

 Magnets to tone face


 Heavy metals

 Liver disease frequency  Too Scientific Skip it for Phd or MD



 Autoimmune diabetese Its not due to sugar

 Kidney disease If you said autoimmune you are correct.

 Right time for Sex  Better read this

 Diary & Childhood Cancer

 Diabetes and pesticides



 Aspirin in disease

 Autoimmune arthritis


 Artificial Sweeteners

 Homepathic sleep remedy

 Eczema bacteria

 Light & Drug Treatment

 Tremor Scleroderma

 The ankle-brachial index (ABI) calculator

  Spinal Injury Daytime sleep and Stroke risk

 Green tea  Homeopathic allergy meds

 Renal failure New cholesterol drugs fail