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Argentum nitricum for impotence

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Homeopathic Remedies for Impotence

Welcome Erectile Disorder page of CIDPUSA

Homeopathic Remedies for Impotence

Failure to achieve or maintain an erection and premature ejaculation are problems that warrant professional attention. Many factors can contribute to impotence, including diet, physical activity level, and psychological issues. The homeopathic medicines described below can provide some help. The following are a representative selection of the homeopathic remedies that may help this condition. It is recommended that a homeopathic practitioner be consulted. These remedies are sold in vitamin shops and on internet. They have no side effects usually and the cost is minimum. There are many links on the left column for all medical disorders that can be helped by homeopathy. Homeopathy is vibrational medicine without any chemical substances in the remedy. Do not forget to read the diet page so that the remedy has a better chance to work. The best remedy at the end of the page.

Lycopodium 30c.

This remedy is considered useful when a man is no longer able to achieve an erection. An enlarged prostate may also be present. Men who may benefit from this remedy may lack self-confidence and be concerned about failing memory. Lycopodium 30c can be taken once per day for a week, and then once a week for the following month.

Argentum nitricum 30c

. If a man's erection fails when coitus is attempted, this medicine might provide a measure of assistance. This remedy is most useful for men who are anxious, very hurried, very warm-blooded, and have a noticeable craving for sweets and salt. Argentum nitricum 30c can be taken once per day for a week, and then once a week for the following month

Selenium metallicum 30c.

 This remedy is for men who still have an abundance of sexual fantasies but have lost their sexual ability. Men needing this remedy are often greatly exhausted by even slight effort and may be losing hair more than normally. Selenium metallicum 30c can be taken once daily for a week, then once a week for the following month.
Hypericum 6c. This is a good remedy for injuries to areas with high concentrations of nerve endings, such as the fingers. It is also effective for easing the pain of puncture wounds and crushing injuries. Try Hypericum 6c every hour for up to six times per day, reducing to three to four times per day until symptoms improve.

We have much more information on this website for sexual disorders please search from our search box.

Remember to see the Kegel section and the top foods for sex health.

In erectile dysfunction with testosterone deficiency the homeopathic treatment list is.

Acid Phos and Selenium 30 , hair loss from face and genitals due to Low Testosterone.

Agnus Cast , melancholy, premature aging, lack of sexual desire

Agnus Castus 30 , erectile dysfunction caused by Low T, flaccid genitals, low sex drive

Argentum Nitricum , nervousness, inability to achieve erection, sweet and salty food cravings

Avena Sativa , low energy, poor concentration, sleeplessness

Baryta Carbonica , impotence, reduced libido

Caladium , irritability, depression, decreased erections

Chaste Tree , forgetfulness, poor concentration, flaccidity, cold genitals

Kali Phos 30 , fatigue, depression, prostration, exhaustion

Lycopodium , impotence, physically weak, insecurity

Nuphar Luteum Q , loss of sexual desire, relaxed genitals, involuntary stool and urination emissions may be present

Sabal Serrulata , lack of sex drive, testicular atrophy

Selenium Metallicum , sexual desire is present, but ability is weak, fatigue, involuntary ejaculation. Finally please read the Vitamin D link below, it increases testosterone as it acts like a hormone.