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Welcome to the  Rheumatic section of the CIDPUSA Foundation  

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    Guide to Help you CidpUSA Foundation

We provide help with guidance  on a daily basis to guide you with your disease we have had many patients who were diagnosed with ALS who are today doing well because we sent them to the right doctors got the right medicine see the story from our home page, send us a enquiry or ask a question. People on ships or remote islands will get accurate help and guidance for alternative treatments Please contact us for support. We will help in connecting patients to physicians . Help in insurance issues and providing research and medical literature to guide you and your doctor to current treatments. Please see the service link on the left side for our menu of help items. We have satisfied patients in many countries and remote location all help provided remotely by internet or telephone. Most help is by natural and alternative treatments we treat the cause of the disease not the symptoms as is done in conventional medicine.

If you need research articles to be sent to your doctor we can do that for you at cost.

A woman in a remote island of Africa with CIDP was shipped a electronic device and 4 years later she is alive and well.

A young man who had been to three neurologist who  examined him and said that there was nothing wrong with him. We referred him to new neurologist and sent the guidelines by Dr Dalakas . This resulted in a IVIg prescription and of course followed by improvement in this young mans  condition.

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Our first treatment for CIDP is homeopathic works in 95% of the people we treat. The second line treatment are antibiotics and both these treatments reverse the cause of the disease. Intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) has also been found to be beneficial.  It remains the cornerstone of CIDP treatment for allopathic conventional medicine. IVIG is usually given in divided doses over 4 or 5 consecutive days at a  total dose of 2g/kg. Dr. Dalakas has shown that if the total infusion can be given in two large doses it works better for the patient. He also recommends that for all the neurological disorders the dose of IVIg should be 2gm/kg. The cost of such a treatment at $80 a gram is over $10,000  a infusion.  Would you like to try a homeopathic which will probably cure your disease and cost $40.

For remote locations we provide alternatives every corner of the world.

 Maintenance doses of IVIg are often needed at monthly intervals to maintain clinical response. Serious side effects of IVIG treatment are rare, (fatal anaphylaxis in IgA-deficient patients seen in { In patients who have anti IgA  antibodies}.  We recommend that before the infusion the total IgA level be measured. If the level is below 58 then anti IgA ANTIBODIES NEED TO BE MEASURED. However a case has been reported with IgA LEVEL of 58 who later developed IgA reaction. So a careful history should be taken of all patients first starting IVIg.

 Also if the lab reports IgA <20 IT MAY BE SAFE TO ASSUME THAT IT IS ZERO.

 Potential nephrotoxicity, especially in patients with pre-existing renal disease.

For those that are resistant to IVIg therapy one needs to check if the dose being given is correct. If the dose has been 2g/kg then one can consider adding steroids to the IVIg. If that does not work then Cyclophosphamide, Rituxan, Cyclosporin can be considered.

IVIg is used as a rescue therapy or first line agent and then a second line agent is started like cyclosporin. In time this becomes the agent of choice for chronic maintenance.

Do not forget about supplements we recommend alpha lapoic acid and colostrum with omega 3 fatty acids.

Have any questions or need help then please contact us.

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