Homeopathic sleep remedies

by: Dr Imran Khan |JUNE 29, 2020

Homepathy in sleep

Homeopathy Remedies:

Homeopathic medicines are selected on the basis of symptoms, cause, family history and constitution of the person affected. Considering all these factors any of the below listed (or some other) homeopathic medicine may be indicated and helpful in this condition.

Nux vomica, Opium, Coffea cruda, Ambra grisea, Hyoscyamus niger, Sulphur, Belladonna, Chamomilla, Arsenic album, Argenticum nitricum;

Gelsemium, Ignatia amara, Magnesium  carbonica, Cocculus indica,  Aconitum  napellus, Arnica Montana, Causticum,  Ferrum metallicum, Muriaticum acidum, Tabacum, Senecio jacobaea; Cannabis indica, Kalium phosphoricum


Nux vomica

Sleepless from rush of ideas. Cannot sleep after 3a.m. until towards morning, falls asleep when it is time to rise and feels heavy and unrefreshed. It is especially the remedy for those who drink too much, those who abuse coffee and tea, those who are subject to abdominal disorders and a sluggish portal circulation. It is curative in cases where sleep is unattainable except from a stimulant. The symptoms of Nux vomica are better after undisturbed sleep, worse when sleep is disturbed. Sleeplessness from mental overwork, from too close study, especially at night. Dreams full of bustle and worry.


Stupefying and unrefreshing sleep. Sleepy, but cannot sleep. Sleeplessness with acuteness of hearing, clock striking and cocks crowing at great distance keep her awake. Loss of breath on falling asleep. Bed feels so hot she cannot lie on it; moves often in search of a cool place; must be uncovered. Sleepy but cannot sleep with great drowsiness. Dreams of cat, dog and black forms. Pleasant, fantastic, amorous dream. Suffocative attacks during sleep like nightmare.

Coffea cruda

Nervous sleeplessness from rush of ideas, mental activity, awakes at or hears every sound after pleasurable excitement. In cases where there is excessive agitation of body and mind, and where ideas force themselves on the mind. The patient is wide awake, without the slightest inclination to sleep, and all the senses are extremely acute. It is the remedy when excitement or good news, joys or night watching causes the insomnia. It is well suited to sleeplessness in teething children, Sleeplessness from the bad effects of too good news. Is indicated in wide-awake condition; impossible to close the eyes; physical excitement through mental exaltation. Sleeplessness, on account of excessive mental and bodily activity. The greatest mental and physical exhaustion; great restlessness lying awake most of the night. Sensitiveness of vision, of hearing, of smell, of touch; sensitiveness to pain; it is most astonishing sometimes about this great sensitiveness. Wakeful, on a constant move. Sleeps until 3 a.m. after which only dozing. Sleep disturbed by dreams or by itching of anus.

Ambra Grisea

Sleeplessness arising from worriment of mind as from business trouble. The patient retires to bed feeling tolerably tired, yet as soon as the head touches the pillow he becomes wakeful. Before midnight sleeplessness. He cannot sleep at night, he knows not why. For several nights sleeplessness , and in the morning slumber full of fantastical dreams. Frequent waking at night. Frequent waking, and at 2 a.m. long uneasiness in the whole body, especially in the occiput.  At night he wakes up with headache in occipital , which goes off on rising.  Early waking; followed by frequently interrupted, but very profound sleep, with eyes fast closed. In the morning, in bed, weariness, with feeling in the eyes as if they were too firmly closed. Sleep restless, with anxious dreams. Retires tired, wakeful as soon as touches the pillow. Coldness of body and twitching of limbs during sleep.


Sleeplessness from nervous excitement; the brain is full of bewildering ideas and images. After long illnesses and the brain cells are poorly nourished. Sleeplessness in children, who twitch, cry out frightened and tremble. Sleeplessness from overworked minds and without apparent cause may be benefited by Hyoscyamus. Hyoscyamus paints the mental town of its victim a brilliant and luminous red. The patient is jolly and wakeful. Sleeplessness from nervous excitement. Starts out of sleep, frightened.  Brain full of bewildering ideas and images. Sleeplessness in children who twitch, cry out, frightened and tremble. Irritable and easily excited individuals. Sleeplessness from anxiety or over - excitement.


Sleeplessness from nervous excitement, cutaneous irritations and external heat. The patient is drowsy all day and sleepless at night. Sleeps in "cat naps", wakes frequently. Restlessness of anaemic irritability. Long but unrefreshing sleep, in morning. Nightly jerking and twitching in body during. Nightmare. Sings during sleep and wakes up with singing. Cannot sleep during 2 and 5 a.m. 


The sleepless conditions calling for Belladonna are due to congestion; sleep is extremely restless, as a rule it is interrupted by talking, starting, muscular jerkings and spasmodic motions; frightful images appear on closing the eyes and the patient therefore dreads sleep. Children awake from sleep frightened. Oftentimes there is a violent throbbing in the brain which prevents sleep. Frightful dreams, they constantly awaken the patient. Insomnia due to cerebral hyperaemia. Restless sleep during dentition; sleeps with eyes partially open; sudden starting, twitching, hot head and dilated pupils will indicate it. Sleep is extremely restless due to congestion in the head. Cannot close the eyes, as he sees dreadful images on doing so. Children wake from sleep frightened.


For sleeplessness in children due to severe pain. It quiets the irritability and the emotional excitement and the patient sleeps. It is also adapted to weak, nervous women. The sleep is tormented by dreams which are fanciful, vivid and anxious; the patient is hot and thirsty. Moaning in sleep. Great drowsiness is characteristic of the remedy, but cannot sleep. Sleepless due to pain. Nightly sleeplessness with visions and anxiety. Crying out, starting up, tossing about and weeping during sleep. Yawning and stretching.

Arsenic album.

Patient is disturbed, anxious and restless. Awakened by pains. Sleeplessness due to fear of air raids etc. Frequent starting up and twitching in. Somnolency in evening. Sleeplessness with constant restlessness and tossing about. Inability to fall asleep after once awaking at night. Anxious dreams.

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