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Small Fiber neuropathy Part-2 by: M.C |JUNE 29, 2020

Overview  by M.C.& modification by I.K.  USA  SMALL FIBER NERVE TYPE LINK

Symptoms of pain, burning, numbness, and autonomic dysfunction (lack of sweating) in the hands and feet in a stocking-glove distribution. Strength is not affected. Tendon reflexes are normal, as are nerve conduction studies.

Screening and diagnosis: Small Fiber Neuropathy can be tested by a skin biopsy.

EMG.NCV is important test for small fiber neuropathy if A waves, F waves and Compound action potential is carefully looked into. The CAP waveform will become wide a phenomena called temporal dispersion. A waves will appear and F waves will become prolonged. We have seen low amplitudes and conduction block in NCV.

SSEP: somatosensory evoked responses can be abnormal.

Because autonomic neuropathy isn't a single disease, it can be difficult to diagnose. Often, determining the diagnosis is a matter of ruling out other causes of the symptoms. Your doctor is likely to take a medical history, ask for a thorough description of your symptoms and do a physical exam.

Your doctor also may use a number of tests to aid in diagnosis. These may include: