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 Welcome to Anti Inflammatory Diet section  CIDPUSA-

Autoimmune diseases read our E-BOOK
Anti Inflammatory Diet for disease free Life

Inflammation caused by infections, allergies, anger, chemicals & toxins. People exposed to (poisons, mold) are at increased risk of inflammatory diseases (autoimmune). By decreasing inflammation one decrease the rate of ageing. Vegetables, almonds, colored fruits, honey, organic milk are protective foods. Do not consume an excess of any particular food. Humans are not similar and everyone needs a different diet. Some people need a tailored diet. Thus every region on earth grows particular foods in particular seasons specifically for appropriate nutritional needs for the inhabitants in that season.

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Eating cucumbers in summer will keep you cool eating almonds in winter will keep you warm. Cucumbers are low in nutrition and almonds high in calories.

Trans-Fat  or Hydrogenated fats are contained in cookies, cakes, fried potatoes and candy bars. Animal fats are not the problem need to wake up. Athletes who take a low fat diet have higher risk of sudden cardiac death.

 One should eat organic food and avoid processed food. Hot dogs have been associated with higher cancer rates. Do not eat soy products only fermented soy is ok for health.

The best drug on Earth is Oxygen. It is considered a drug in the US and thus requires a doctors prescription to be dispensed. We cannot survive a millisecond without oxygen. So breath as much as you can, deep breathing every morning will get you going and keep you young forever without purchasing any supplement.. Try to live closer to sea level as the oxygen saturation is higher. (No prescription no pharmacy involved).  If you live at sea level and decide to visit the mountains do not go hiking on the first day. It takes time for your body to produce more red cells  or assimilate to the higher altitude. Simply flying in to Denver from Los Angles will cause headaches and weakness. Living at higher altitude you age faster and get weaker, your blood thickens at higher altitude. In Denver one will age faster as compared to Los Angles or Houston.

Start your day in the morning with a glass of water. Life on Earth will not be possible without water. After Oxygen water is the next most important substance required by the body. Drink a total of 8 glasses of water a day, Iced tea, water, lemonade, tea, milk). Drinking water increases your memory 5 times so upgrade your memory every morning.

 If you have cardiac, autoimmune disease or diabetes avoid high altitude.

Higher indoor air pollution happens in homes with coal burning and open fireplace than in homes with central heating. Always leave a bathroom window slit open with a security bar helps ventilation .

The concentration of oxygen in the air is the same at all altitudes, but atmospheric pressure--which determines how much air enters the lungs with each breath--does decrease with altitude. As less air enters the lungs, the body tries to compensate by breathing faster and deeper. This begins a chain of reactions that can result in altitude sickness.

Carbon dioxide levels are now 27 percent higher than at any point in the last 650,000 years. There is a higher concentration of Carbon Dioxide under a tree at night. (A location to avoid, at night, don't sleep under a tree). One of our patients was disoriented by just sitting under a tree at night.

Use a water filter in your home, if you drink enough liquids the liver and kidneys will help remove some toxicity. The PVC bottle water makes you sick.( causes heart disease, hypertension and diabetes due to PCB if the PVC bottle is reused then its not a problem as the chemical has been washed off). Under sink filters are best, Alkaline water is great reduces both blood pressure and diabetes.

The third most essential substances required by the human cells are sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Then are present in food. use sea salt in place of table salt, it has natural iodine. The iodine offer protection from radiation. By using sea salt you are naturally protected from nuclear radiation.

The best anti-inflammatory  foods are fish oil or as it is called omega-3 oil. In nature the best omega-3 comes from flaxseed this should be in your regular diet. Turmeric is a anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective spice helps in arthritis and taken with milk at night helps one sleep. Omega-3 will reduce all types of inflammation the required dose is at least 3 grams a day. I would say a quarter tea spoon mixed in a  cup of coconut milk stirred with black pepper so it will absorb faster. A school teacher in Pakistan had complete remission of her epilepsy with this method. I have seen Turmeric control epilepsy, arthritis and cancers.

Olive oil protects from heart disease and stroke, should not be heated as its destroyed by heat. Olive oil protects from heart disease, strokes and cancer so use it daily. A patient lost weight and lowered cholesterol by using two tea spoon twice a day.

In place of multivitamins CIDPUSA recommends a teaspoon full of honey (organic, non filtered). Synthetic Vitamins are not properly absorbed so best to take natural vitamins in fruits.. For those who are healthy there is little use of vitamins. I see people swallowing a ton of pills in the morning ,these are the ones who have more health issues.. The question is what are the benefits? The most important vitamin is vitamin-D its deficiency is involved in all medical autoimmune diseases. Vitamin-D is free you just have to sunbath for 15-20 minutes daily. Honey has natural anti allergy antibodies from flowers.


  •  guidelines written for CIDPUSA  by Dr Imran. Khan    

      Updated 03/30,  2019 from Nanotech