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Anti Inflammatory Diet Page two;

Reduce Inflammation by consuming whole foods

Avoid the use of microwave it changes the structure of foods. Avoid Genetically modified foods which have been made by humans, consumption of GM foods increases the risk of diseases.

Similarly do not cook in genetically modified oils like Canola. Vegetable oil best one is Mazola lots of vitamin E. Can use Ghee (Butter oil), coconut oil or mustard oil, Olive oil for cooking, if you have arthritis try butter oil.

Breakfast means breaking the fast and is the most important meal of the day, should consist of oatmeal or. eggs.,blue berries, walnuts and almonds.Bread should be avoided by people with Celiac disease. (Avoid white bread). Avoid white sugar and candy. Brown sugar is much better then white. Drink  tea in place of coffee. Tea has antioxidants and taken three times a day is very beneficial for health. Green tea is more healthy and taken four times a day will keep you healthy and reduce inflammation. The highest grade of fuel for our body is carbohydrates (organic not refined) take them before heavy physical activity and mental activity. A chocolate bar can help you pass the test.

For snacks between meals use fruits and nuts, apples, banana and water. Those of you who are going to do extreme exercise they need to take a high load of carbohydrates before the event. This helps the body in providing readily available energy. Otherwise the body has to turn into anaerobic mode does not sound good. most people who do extreme exercises die young and how to prevent the young death in athletes

For Lunch eat vegetables protein diet (chicken, fish, well cooked beef ). Along with fruits and water to replenish your fluids . The best lunch will be green salad mixed with fruits and nuts with a dressing of vinegar and olive oil. Men need to avoid Tofu (tends to increase feminine hormones). No Soy Foods for men.

For Dinner again eat avegetables & protein diet (Chicken, fish, well cooked ) with vegetables, fruit and water is recommended. Remember to use full grain bread. Avoid the temptation to eat desserts. Instead use fruits. The best dinner will be green salad mixed with fruits and nuts with a dressing of vinegar.

Chew your food well , chewing food in the mouth will allow more absorption of vitamins from the sublingual area. Eat slowly and chew food to small particles before swallowing . This helps avoid choking. Don't drink and breath at the same time. Will put enough fluid in the wrong pipe to give you a scare and tears.

I recommend eating brown rice. The polished white rice has the bran coating removed and has lost most of its nutrients and Omega -3. The best source of Omega-3 is Flaxseed. Its better to eat the seed but oil is equally effective. Flaxseed is also called linseed and Alsiee in (Urdu). Brown and Black rice are among foods that do not cause any health problem.

Natural Foods

All the vitamins and supplements are found in food. Thus I recommend that you get your vitamins from fruit, milk , honey and vegetables. The most common vitamin deficiency seen in clinical practice is B12. If you have tingling numbness or weakness your doctor may check the B12 level in you. If the level is low they will prescribe you a B12 injection. The alternative is sublingual B12. Majority of studies have show that more people die from excess vitamins and not from deficiency. See the Vitamin Section links below this page.

The best exercise for someone who has Polyneuropathy is to use the stationary Bike or simply the exercise pedals which you can place next to your favorite couch. Use them for 10 minutes at a time four times a day. THIS WILL REDUCE PAIN AND IMPROVE STRENGTH. This exercise also improves circulation. Best of all it can be done in the security of your environment. The next best thing is walking and if extremes of temperature bother you use the local mall. Mark Bower walks in the mall and has also talked to the security personnel there and is part of their team.

Remember the Brain and nerves can only consume carbohydrates so pure protein diets may drop some IQ points and cause Gout. Many people have landed in the ER due to pure protein diet.

For stiffness, pain in the body use a icepack rub it on the painful area then stretch that area by moving your extremities. This is followed by applying a hot towel on the same area, (moisten a towel with hot water and apply it over the stiff area). Ben Gay, Icy hot &Tiger balm pads relive pain instantly even the wort back pain.

You should be the last person to consider surgery for pain relief. Read our back surgery section.

For generalized stiffness get into a hot water tub or if not available take a hot shower. More stiffness is experienced on cold days or when a storm is approaching, as the barometric pressure dips muscular pains increase. The colostrum may help in this type of muscle stiffness . Hot water BATHS are not recommended for patients with M.S and CIDP. Some individuals with MS & CIDP have reported difficulty in getting out of the tub due to sudden weakness caused by the heat.

Stretching exercises are recommended about five times a day. These will help reduce stiffness. Turn your neck from side to side, Bend down on the hips and place your hands on your knees. Bend down to touch the floor.

Chronic heavy smoking can reduce blood flow to your vital organs, (Brain). The Surgeon General has shown that smoking causes lung cancer. Though some new evidence shown by the American Heart Association shows smoking reduces restenosis. Smokers have lower incidence of some autoimmune diseases including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.This is thought to be due to Nicotine, and the same benefit is seen in tea and coffee drinkers. Get the beneficial effects by tea and coffee. 4000 Americans die, per year, of lung cancer and 37,000 due to heart disease, caused by other people's or passive smoke

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