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Diet page-3 Vinegar & processed foods

Food certainly has been the down-fall of human health. With all the rubbish we stuffs into delicate, yet stomach, it is no wonder that there is so much disease rampant today. From the day we eat the first meal man we have abused the system with the wrong types of foods. We has not been rational the eating habits, but have merely satisfied the desire for stimulating taste buds by refined and processed chemicals . The day will come, however, when we suddenly realizes that the food habits effect  physical as well as mental wellbeing. up"

Processed meats increase the incidence of cancer.

Vinegar provides all the benefits of improving blood flow similar to alcohol but without the hangover. Alcohol causes a neuropathy (nerve weakness), myopathy (muscle weakness) and liver toxicity. (When consumed in large doses). Some scientist have reported that a single glass of beer is able to destroy millions of neurons. Alcohol makes neuromuscular disorders worse.

In England farmers were feeding bone meal to cows, due to which cows developed BSE (Mad Cow). The FARMERS were converting a herbivore to a carnivore. The proteins of dead animals in the feed of cows caused Mad Cow Disease. However some farms are still trying their luck to increase milk and meat production by feeding protein to cows.. You should be eating meat from cows and chicken which are fed on grass and not grain. They call them organic or natural. I have heard that a alligator farm is next to a chicken farm in North Carolina. When the chickens die they are recycled as feed for the alligators. Is mad alligator disease next!

Another study showed high risk of Pancreatic cancer in people who were Cooking with firewood was associated with a significantly higher risk for pancreatic cancer. Those who used microwave, electric heat, Presto or high pressure oven were safer. Acrylamide in food products-chiefly in commercially available potato chips, potato fries, cereals, and bread-was formed in high-carbohydrate foods during high temperature processes such as frying, baking, roasting and extrusion. Although acrylamides is known to form during industrial processing of food, high levels of the chemical have been found in home-cooked foods, mainly potato- and grain-based products. Soaking raw potato slices in water before frying was effective at reducing acrylamides levels in French fries.  Do not toast the bread to brown color increases acrylamides. Do not use microwaves!

Recently in the news was story about Pork Workers being exposed to Brain dust of dead animals and developed brain, spine, muscle and nerve disease. That diseases is CIDP. How a animal should be sacrificed has been explained to all religions is by cutting the blood supply which removes the antigens so the animal will not cause antibody mediated disease or autoimmune disease.

"Abraham tied Isaac and put him on the altar. He held the knife over Isaac's neck. Abraham was ready to sacrifice his son. But an angel spoke to Abraham." BIBLE is thus telling usthe age old method of animal sacrifice. by cutting the blood supply at the neck, which removes the circulating toxins, virus, bacteria, antigens so the animal will not cause antibody mediated disease or autoimmune disease.

If you see the world map of the SARs virus it did not spread to the nations who avoided Pork. Muslim countries and Israel did not see  any SARS cases. 

Do you know what chemical eliminated Malaria in the tropical countries? The answer is DDT. You can place DDT on the floor and see flies, insects and mosquitoes fall to the ground .

While driving in heavy traffic try recirculation of cabins internal air, to avoid  inhaling the fumes of Truckers.  Drafting behind a truck to increase your mileage may cause wind screen damage and also the nasty exhaust may trickle in your car. The best air in New York is on the day the buses go on strike.

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