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 Memory  disorders Instant Treatment , causes    recovery updated June 2011

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Memory Disorders and Their treatment explained in detail.  

Improve your memory reverse and prevent Alzheimer's buy our protocol supported by university studies.

1) Drink more water, water will improve memory specially if mineral or sea salt is mixed in it.

2) Take turmeric 1/2 tea spoon mixed in some milk at night.

3) Eat walnuts and use Coconut and Olive oil daily in your diet.

4)  Vitamin -D sublingual drops 3000-5000 units daily.

If you want to learn how the memory works read this link on brain memory function,

For women see how estrogens help memory.

Limbic encephalitis is disorder involved in many people with loss of memory.

The best diet for memory is walnuts and fish.

Drinking more water improves memory instantly. Take vitamin-D daily and eat plenty of vegetables and fruits to improve memory.

Avoid alcohol this will cause loss of memory.  Turmeric is a excellent supplement to help memory and will even reverse Alzheimer's disease.

If you have a sudden memory loss you have transient global amnesia, turmeric is excellent for recovery and prevention. Heavy metal toxicity can cause lots of memory issue please read this link.

Niacin is a important vitamin for memory problems.

If your sleep  and memory are both a issue you will have to read about epilepsy.

People with sleep apnea have no memory in the morning cannot do their jobs. They should be on a complete vegetable diet for 6 months to improve and should place a tennis ball below their T -shirt next to the neck. If they sleep on their side they breath well.

Serotonin and Almonds work wonders for memory.

The newest miracle for memory and preventing Alzheimer's is Coconut oil. We can ship this oil to you within the USA $10 a bottle + shipping.

For homeopathic memory help see this link.

Preventative & reversal treatment  electronically you feel better from day-1 You can purchase unit for home use. Tension, anxiety, depression  will disappear instantly no waiting to purchase medicine, no trying different drugs.. This unit is ordered through special request cost is $ 200 USA in Pakistan Rs 5000.

We have reversed advanced Alzheimers and Parkinsons. We use repetitive magnetic stimulation,  electronic stimulation and cranial stimulation.

If you have these three units at home they re a complete hospital and can treat most medical problems. We sell these units directly in Pakistan, for USA, Australia, Canada we will provide information to get them locally at a Charge. If you request our protocol below, you can then send a email requesting where to purchase these units.These small electronic units are approved for pain by FDA. We have bought and tested the units and they work on our patients.

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Get our memory reversal protocol works on most people. Covers all  common medical issues.

Disclaimer: This protocol has not been evaluated by FDA and for medical problems its best you get treatment from a professional qualified personto read about causes of memory disorders

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