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Lab pey aati haii Duaa Video by Allama Iqbal

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             Lab pe aati hai   (From The Lip it comes)

Lab pe aatii hai Duaa bana ke Tamanna Meri 
(From the Lips comes a Prayer in the form of a Desire)

Zindagii Shamma ki Surat ho Khudayaa Meri (My life should emulate a Candle, Oh God)    

A candle burns itself to provide light for others

Door Duniya ka Mere dam se Andheraa hu jaaye
(Lift the Worldly Darkness due to my efforts)

Her jaga Mere Chamakane se Ujaalaa ho jaaye
(Every place should be enlightened by my Light)

Ho Mere dam se Yun hi Mere Watan ki Zeenat
(My life should decorate my Homeland  similar to)

Jis tarah Phool se hoti hai Chaman ki Zeenat
( Similar to, a flower decorating a Garden)

Zindagii ho Meri, Parawaane ki Surat Yaa Rab!! 
(Dear God, emulate my life like a Insect)

ilm ki Shammaa se ho Mujh ko Mohabbat aaa Rab!
(I should fall in Love with the Candle of Knowledge)

Ho Meraa kaam Gareebon ki Himaayat karana 
(My work should be to support the poor)

Dard-mandon se Za'eefon se Mohabbat karana

(those in pain &

 the feeble ones should I love

Mere Allah Buraai se bachaanaa mujh ko
(My Allah save me from doing Evil things

Naik jo Raah ho us Raah pe chalanaa mujh ko
(Please guide me, to walk on the right path

Written by Sir Allama Iqbal THE GREATEST POET

  Translated by Dr Imran Khan
Sitaroon se aagee Jaheen Aur bhi Heen Link