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        Autoimmune Disease have become the number one disease process today! In the whole world.

                                                   Nanotech & CIDPUSA Lahore clinic   99

 Nanotech & CIDPUSA Facility  Return to map page

  (Reverse all diseases from Arthritis-Cancer-Renal failure)   Clinic 35184122 lahore (Lahore)  or 303 E-2 WAPDA TOWN LAHORE   OR contact through services section you will get better help

Nanotech Medical & Neurology Center.  Open full time in Lahore for Remote consultation



           With Allah's grace we learned to tame all disease by attacking their causes, after 25  years of research in USA.  Read our e-book for details (the research is based upon published scientific papers). We  treat the root cause of the disease not the symptoms. Resulting in a end to the disease. You can request  references of the patients who are disease free or improved, from arthritis, heart disease, Parkinson, epilepsy, pains, fatigue, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, hearing disorders, CIDP.


 Kids with behavior disorder, drug seeking behavior or sexual devious behavior successfully treated at Nanotech.

 The first facility to treat the root cause of autoimmune disorders, with the most modern treatments is available in Lahore. No waiting you are seen in a VIP environment, in a carpeted facility at Nanotech Medical Center  in Lahore. ( 303 -E2 WAPDA Tow(seen by appointment only) Call us before coming.

We remove kidney stones without a stone busters or surgery just plain old herbs. Guaranteed results.

Do not remove a Cataract call us for non surgical treatment and no surgery. Did I tell you cataract surgery can be followed by vision loss!

Women who have constant fatigue, pains, stiff joints, loss of sleep or stress we can help you right away.

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Complete reversal of fatigue, pains, epilepsy, tremors, anxiety , depression by our unique ECT & CMS treatments. These treatments would cost you a 100.000 in USA we provide these at a fraction of their cost here.

  We offer Treatment for  All Autoimmune disorders. Specially Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, CIDP, joint pains, cardiac and skin diseases. We make you young again . If you have a undiagnosed condition then we have an answer for you. 

FibromyaIgia, Chronic Fatigue, weakness, tiredness, forgetfulness are all treated.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Most western Insurance companies will cover the cost. Our cost is lower then the deductible of most insurance companies in the USA. Take a vacation and we will manage your health.

  American Board Certified Physicians

Lahore Clinic activities

In our clinic at Lahore we have treated patients who were could not be helped by doctors in many western countries suffering from autoimmune disorders..

               We treat all types of Medical, psychiatric and physical disorders.

                 We cover all  disorders including skin conditions and infertility.


  Our treatments in Lahore are based upon Quranic Shifa.  Please read the link.