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Autoimmune Disease are the disease process  In the whole world.

Autoimmune disorders  (AD)are  ignited by the human body due to a unstable immune reaction against its personal tissues. The inflammation & damage of  tissues by its own antibodies leads autoimmune disorder. A.D. is mainly of two common types -- systemic autoimmune diseases and localized diseases.

In a A.D., a bacteria or virus generates an immune reaction, and antibodies produced against viruses  target normal cells as they have some fraction of their configuration that bear a resemblance to a part of the arrangement of the contaminating microorganism. All cells carry a genetic marker, the cells of the left side have a different marker, so you may see Parkinsonism, ALS, MS, Fibromyalgia begin on one side of the body. So get rid of the bug and you can stop the immune attack by using IVIg. The only medicine that works against West nile virus is IVIG.

  •  GBS & CIDP pathology 

You can see above the pale shadows are the areas where Myelin has been lost and if you see the thick round rings below are the myelin sheaths. The thin rings are the places where myelin has been lost. This is the pathology in CIDP and GBS , polyneuropathy, diabetic neuropathy and in the brain in MS (Mutiple Sclerosis).

Pathology in a disease process is study at cellular level. In nearly all autoimmune diseases one will see inflammation. The inflammatory cells will increase, tissue-infiltrating cells in autoimmune inflammation include multiple different cell types like lymphocytes, phagocytes, granulocytes, fibroblasts, and others. Also, the attacked tissue responds to the injury with a series of events counteracting or amplifying tissue destruction.

Generally what is seen in a slide is inflammatory cells with atrophic cells, some cells due to inflammation may enlarge in size. This is the hallmark of autoimmune diseases.

Myasthenia Gravis. In this disease, autoantibodies to the Acetylcholine receptor block neuromuscular transmission from cholinergic neurons by blocking the binding of acetylcholine and by causing downregulation (degradation) of its' receptor

for pathology information on each disease treatment and causes see the specific disease page or search from our search box.

Not all the patients will have lab abnormalities. In many the EMG/NCV findings will not show that they have CIDP yet they will still have the disease.

   Click to view different size nerve fibers.

Pathalogy in autoimmune diseases & CIDP, The virus triggered  cytokines, T cell are causing inflammation