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 AIDS is autoimmune

AIS is a Autoimmune Disease

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AIDS is an autoimmune disease caused by HIV plusallogeneic cells.

Hoffmann GW, Grant MD.

Int Conf AIDS.

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada V6T IW5

We suggest that the following facts are relevant to AIDS pathogenesis. Firstly, there is complementarity of gp120 and the CD4 protein, and there is also complementarity of CD4 and class II MHC. Hence gp120 can be regarded as MHC-mimicking, and the anti-viral immune response may include an anti-(class II internal image) component. Secondly, immunization with foreign lymphocytes leads to the production of MHC-mimicking (i.e. MHC-image) antibodies.

 Since infection with HIV usually occurs coincidentally with exposure to allogeneic lymphocytes, infected individuals are likely to make MHC-mimicking antibodies.

These facts lead to the idea that AIDS is an autoimmune disease, that is triggered by a combination of HIV and allogeneic cells, rather than by HIV alone.

These two stimuli produce MHC-image and anti-(MHC image) immune responses that seem likely to synergize with each other to destabilize the system.

We have found anti-collagen antibodies in the sera of many homosexuals, both HIV- and HIV+, and in the sera of 16/16 homosexual AIDS patients.

These antibodies are also found in alloimmune sera, graft versus host disease and lupus.

Our results are consistent with AIDS being an autoimmune disease that is provoked by a combination of allogeneic cells and HIV.

The theory leads to further experimentally testable predictions, and ideas concerning possible approaches for prevention of the disease. It suggests that vaccines consisting of gp120, gp160 and anti-CD4 may cause AIDS in individuals belonging to high risk groups.

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