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Liver Clean for improved body functions

  • A Liver Cleanse. The Liver "Factory of Life". As the largest and
    hardest working organ in the body, the liver is the main biochemical
    factory in our bodies, continually processing and synthesizing
    nutrients, in an attempt to meet the needs of the body and
    homeostasis. The liver performs a host of essential functions, such as
    carbohydrate and protein metabolism, storage of vitamins and minerals,
    and the removal, storage, and excretion of toxic substances from the

    Of course exercise pays a very important role here driving out wastes
    into the lungs and speeding up circulation, helping digestion, helping
    elimination of wastes through the skin.
    Cayce used certain foods to help elimination such as leafy vegetables
    and in the mornings or evenings stewed figs, raisons, apricots or
    pears occasionally.
    A great deal of elimination takes place through the lungs by means of
    deep breathing and Cayce placed great emphasis on this aspect
    recommending some of the breathing techniques as used in yoga.

    Just impeding the flow to the brain for a few minutes will cause
    permanent brain damage such is the importance of good circulation. The
    blood feeds our cells our tissues, the better the circulation the
    better we feel .For all the bodies rebuilding forces come through
    quicker with good circulation. Not only does the blood carry the so
    important chemicals, which feed our cells, but also the lymphatic
    system carries away our wastes. Exercise helps circulation in a big
    way as does massage hydrotherapy, osteopathy and other manipulative

    The Cayce detox
    Cayce 3 day apple diet
    In extreme cases of toxemia Cayce recommended a controlled fast or a
    three-day apple diet to clear the system and restore balance. That is
    for three days eat nothing but apples Jonathon s ,Oregon reds and the
    like and on the third day 2 teaspoons of olive oil .

    I have done it and many others reports indicate feelings of euphoria
    in many people.
    Recommended in hundreds of readings was the Cayce detox, the
    elimination process was found to be poor in thousands of people and
    the subsequent build up of toxins and poisons was found in hundreds of
    people. The Cayce detox was to help rid the body of these wastes. As
    the lay person can easily appreciate the situation in your very own
    kitchen if you did not clean up after every meal, bacteria would have
    a great time multiplying and contaminating places every where. So many
    thousands of people have been helped greatly by helping the body get
    rid of waste the importance of this action cannot be overestimated.
    Cayce prescribed the three day apple diet where for three days you
    would eat nothing but apples of the sheep nosed type preferably
    organic types like Johnathons, Delicious, Oregon reds, Arkansas black
    and water. At the end of the third day a two spoons full of olive oil
    was taken.

    'We would use first the apple diet to purify the system; that is, for
    three days eat nothing but apples of the Jonathan variety if possible.
    This includes the Delicious, which is a
    variety of the Jonathan. The Jonathan is usually grown farther north
    than the Delicious, but these are of the same variety, but eat some.
    You may drink coffee if you desire, but do not put milk or cream in
    it, especially while you are taking the apples.

    5. At the end of the third day, the next morning take about two able
    spoonfuls of Olive Oil.'

    We would cleanse the alimentary canal as related to the effect of the
    gastric flow through the stomach and throughout the duodenum. This may
    be done through the cleansing by the method of the APPLE DIET - RAW
    Apples; requiring about three days. Eat nothing but raw apples, you
    see, for three days - each meal for three days. Then at bedtime on the
    evening of the third day, take half a cup
    (teacup) of Pure Olive Oil.

    . Then leave off this diet, but it may be repeated once a month for
    two or three months; three days each month, you see, and then left
    off.' Reading 1622-00
    What Apply Variety should be used? '...Those that pertain to those
    activities of the Jonathan variety of the apple, or the jenneting; the
    Black Arkansas, the Oregon Red, (which are the ones you have here),
    the Sheepnose, the Delicious, the Arkansas Russet;)

    Q) Why did the Apple Diet fail and was it harmful?
    (A) As we find, this would not have failed if there had not been the
    needs for undue changes during those periods. It is often necessary
    for this to be repeated more than once, to become really effective.

    The success that people described having done this regime was
    uplifting, revitalizing, feeling great, an euphoric feeling, greater
    mental clarity and physically more energy. It is one of the most
    effective ways of preventing disease. In fact Cayce said that it would
    cleanse all toxic forces from any body. According to Harold reillys
    book he himself tried to detox three times a year.

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