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Edgar Cayce Bowel protocol


Assimilation and elimination massage

Frequently prescribed by Cayce in hundreds of readings, massage has been used for thousands of years with extremely good effects, some of the benefits are increased circulation, increased elimination. It can

provide relaxation or stimulation depending on how it is given it can help with emotionally affected people and children have developed better from its use it will help with depression and a hundred more complaints. It affects every part of the body nerves organs, glands, circulation and muscular tone. Massage will help all people and Cayce advised having one from thirty minutes to an hour and a half-using cold pressed peanut and olive oil at least once a week. It can free upjoints, relieve pain and soreness.

Cayce often said that the person giving the massage have some affinity with the patient. It can also build bridges of brotherly or sisterly love between people. Children with major behavioral problems have shown marked improvements in their behavior. Cayce said those who would take a peanut oil rub each week need never fear arthritis.

Other means of increasing elimination' s are utilizing osteopathica djustments but you will need a specialist to do this in the main but this is one of the best methods apparently. Many times Cayce said that adjustments were necessary as the ganglia feeding organs had somehow become impeded and needed to be adjusted ,this caused pain and slowing circulation .Hydrotherapy is another method used to aid eliminations through the skin and takes the form as a sweat bath with certain chemicals added to the vapor.Colonics/ enemas The colon, or large intestine, measuring some 5ft in length and 2.5 inches in diameter, is an important part of the digestive system. handles most of our food and body waste and is essential to maintaining good health.-When the colon is not functioning efficiently there will be a build upof toxic waste, which through re-absorption into the blood stream, can lead to self-poisoning. It is estimated that 80% of all critical illnesses result from colon malfunction. In the UK cancer of the colon is second only to heart disease as the most common cause of death.-Most diets include dairy, sugar, flour and other mucous-forming foods;and even those of us on good diets will have old, hardened accumulations of mucous deposits, which hinder proper elimination. Apart from the health risks this can leave you feeling bloated, overweight and lethargic.-The importance of a healthy colon is not new. It was recognized evenby the ancient Egyptians, who were reputed to have practiced Colonic Irrigation as long ago as 1500BC.Colonic Hydrotherapy is an internal bath which: helps cleanse the colon of poisons, gases, accumulated fecal matter and mucous deposits; provides relief from bloating and constipation, toxic headaches, eczema, depression, painful hemorrhoids and skin problems; and reduces risk of bowel disease, enabling better absorption of nutrients - leading to improved all-round health. In Russia however, it remains standard procedure in all hospitals and clinics to administer a thorough colonic cleansing to all patients ,regardless of their ailments, immediately upon entering any hospital. Russian physicians realize that no cure for any ailment can be properly administered to a filthy, highly toxic body, which simply cannot assimilate and utilize medications. Nor does a body devitalized by chronic toxemia have sufficient strength and energy to fully recover from such radical procedures as anesthesia, surgery and chemical therapy.

As a case in point for colonics, take pneumonia. At the turn of the century, before cancer and heart disease replaced it, pneumonia was the biggest killer in America.

Back then, Dr. J.H. Tilden of Denver, Colorado, who specialized in pneumonia and treated more patients for this disease than any other physician on record, never lost a single patient to this dreaded ailment. He achieved his remarkable record by relying entirely on fasting and colonic irrigations, followed by strict diets of raw natural foods. Today, pneumonia still takes a heavy toll among the elderly and weak, despite all the modern drugs used to treat it.

Herbal colon detox products won't remove the accumulated toxic debris from you colon or small intestines. Nor will enemas. Colonic irrigations are a must because the impacted mucus sticks to the walls of the colon like Velcro. Therefore a continuous flow coupled with fairly large quantities of water are needed to release it for evacuation off the colon walls and out of the colon. Otherwise only very small amounts will be eliminated, negligible amounts.

When it is released from the colon your energy
levels rise immediately- most times within days, but sometimes it can take weeks. No two bodies are the same.

At best enemas flush out the rectum and a small part of the descending colon; but they do nothing for the transverse and ascending portions where years of afoul debris, toxic waste, and impacted feces have accumulated.

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