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  • It is not possible to use an enema as such, in people who have a
    colostomy or ileostomy
    one of the most vital elements in our bodies.
    Most people are shocked to learn that the average person holds between
    5 and 10 pounds of putrefied faecal matter
    and other foul material in
    the body.
    The bowel walls become encrusted with un-eliminated faecal matter,
    creating a "catch 22" situation. Not only does this toxic material
    hamper the absorption of vital nutrients through the intestinal wall
    and provide a breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria, but it also
    causes the blood capillaries lining the intestinal wall to begin
    absorbing these toxins into the bloodstream, consequently polluting
    all of our organs

    The UK is said to have the highest incidence of bowel cancer in the
    world with about 20,000 new cases per year. One in three people
    consulting their doctors have bowel problems, such as diverticulitis,
    Colitis, Crohn's Disease, and Candida infections.
    A major part of these problems will be due to neglected inner hygiene.

    Infants are a perfect example. Ask any mother for proof a baby will
    eat and immediately eliminate. Their new digestive systems have not
    had time to develop the mal-absorption problems caused by improper
    diet, environmental toxins and stress.

    Faulty digestion and elimination develop in an individual through the
    years of improper lifestyle and dietary habits.

    According to Dr Bernard Jensen, the famous American naturopath, after
    working with more than 350,000 patients over a 50-year span, not one
    of them was free from some form of bowel disorder. He concluded that
    all sick people have bowel problems and all sick people are tired and
    toxin laden. Dr Jensens Guide to Better Bowel Care.

    Medical autopsies have revealed that impacted waste and blockages to
    parts of the bowel that usually have a diameter of up to 20cm, have
    only a 1cm passage for the waste to pass through. It is not surprising
    that the incidence of bowel disease and bowel cancer is on the increase.

    Michael Gearin-Tosh is a fellow of St Catherine's College in the
    University of Oxford. He has famously achieved long-term survival with
    myeloma, an aggressive cancer with an average survival of one year.
    Living Proof is his remarkable story, diagnosed with cancer when he
    was fifty-four, Michael refused the immediate treatment consultants
    urged him to undergo and embarked on his own quest to overcome the
    illness. His quest led him to embarking in Gerson Therapy, of which
    coffee enemas are a daily and integral part of his treatment. Many
    years on he maintains a daily regime incorporating them, and has
    remained in remission against overwhelming odds.

    Methods of elimination and detoxing
    Various methods can be employed in this role

    Lymph massage
    Better lymph movement. Lymph is a milky white fluid that drains
    impurities and waste away from the tissue cells. A component of these
    wastes is toxins which are the by-products of metabolism. So, it is a
    vital to our health. Muscular contraction has a pumping effect that
    moves lymph. Massage and exercise help to move lymph.

    Lymph massage technique developed by Danish medical doctor E. Vodder
    and his wife in 1932. Vodder, who also discovered and developed a new
    branch of medicine called Lymphology, created this method primarily to
    treat patients with swollen necks or limbs due to poor lymph flow. He
    applied a series of particular rhythmic, light strokes along the
    lymphatic vessels and surrounding tissues to help the flow of lymph
    toward the heart thus reduce swelling in the affected area.

    Fasting is one of the best methods of getting rid of toxins, but this
    too requires similar supervision when it is undertaken for more than a
    day or two. Supplementation with nutrients, especially sodium-ascorbate

    Regular emptying of the bowels is an all-important element in the
    treatment of toxicity. Diet changes may be needed to improve the
    function of the bowel. In addition massage movements to the abdomen
    and in particular to the colon will reduce constipation and in so
    doing speed up the elimination of toxins. Digestion is also improved
    with the massage and with this the metabolism of nutrients and
    antioxidants which are needed to neutralise the toxicity. Further
    assistance is provided by the transportation of lymphocytes and
    phagocytes which takes place with the enhanced blood circulation and
    lymph flow.

    Improving the liver function
    A major function of the liver is to destroy worn-out blood cells,
    bacteria and toxic substances. It also removes drugs like penicillin,
    ampicillin, erythromycin and sulfonamides. The liver is said to be a
    semi-solid organ which is encased by a fibrous capsule. As it is
    largely protected by the rib cage direct manipulation is limited to
    its lower borders. The organ is however influenced by external
    pressures such as those exerted by the diaphragm from above, an
    adjoining viscerus or indeed that of palpation. With the squeezing
    massage movement described here sufficient pressure is exerted through
    the tissues to influence its circulation. Massage can also assist the
    portal circulation to the liver through the hepatic portal vein. It
    also increases the oxygenated blood supply to the liver via the
    hepatic artery. Circulation is also enhanced along the lobes of the
    liver, the central and hepatic veins, and to the superior vena cava.
    Secretion of bile is augmented to some extent by the advanced blood
    flow and by the mechanical pressure of the technique.

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