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Harun (Aaron) served as an assistant to his older brother Musa (Moses). In Islam, he, like Musa, was given the task of saving the Israelites from the Egyptian pharaoh. He would often speak for Musa when Musa’s speech impediment prevented him from doing so himself.
ذو الكفل
most likely Ezekiel
The status of Dhul-Kifl as a prophet is debatable within Islam, although both sides can agree that he was indeed a righteous man who strived in the way of God. Some studies also note that Dhul-Kifl can be also Obadiah, who is mentioned in the Old Testament to be the one that took care of 100 prophets. He is also believed to have possibly been Gautama Buddha.
In Islam, the Zabur (Psalms) were revealed to Dawud (David) by God. He is also significant as he is the one who defeated Goliath.
Süleyman (Solomon) learned a significant amount from his father Daud before being made a prophet by God. According to Islamic tradition, Süleyman was given power over all things, including the jinn. Known for his honesty and fairness, he also led a kingdom that extended into southern Arabia.
lyas (Elijah), descendant of Harun (Aaron), took over control of the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula after Sulaiman's (Solomon)kingdom collapsed. Islamic tradition says he attempted to convince the people of the Peninsula of the existence of only one God, but when the people refused to listen they were smitten with a drought and famine.
Al-Yasa (Elisha) took over the job of leading the Israelites after Ilyas' (Elijah) death. He attempted to show the king and queen of Israel the powers of God, but was dismissed as a magician. Subsequently, the Assyrians were able to make people burn and inflict significant damage on them.
Islamic tradition shows that Yunus (Jonah) was commanded by God to help the people of Nineveh towards righteousness. However, after Nineveh's people refused to listen to God, he became disgruntled and became angry for God. After an incident where Yunus was spared death, he decided to re-commit himself to striving for God, attempting to lead the people of Nineveh to righteousness. But after returning to evil, illicit ways, the Scythians conquered them.[44]
A descendant of Süleyman, Zakariya (Zachariah was a patron of Maryam (Mary) the mother of 'Isa. According to the Qur'an, he prayed to God asking for a son, since his sterile wife al-Yashbi could not provide one. God granted his wishes, temporarily lifting his wife's sterility and allowing her to give birth to Yahya (John).
John the Baptist
Yahya (John) was cousin to Isa and Islam says that, throughout his lifetime, Yahya captivated audiences with his powerful sermons that preached Abrahamic  One God .

The prophet who talked at birth

One of the highest ranked prophets in Islam, Eisa Maseeh, (Jesus the Messiah) was sent to guide the Children of Israel. The Qur'an makes it very clear that in Islam, Jesus is not the son of God, but rather a nabi and rasul (messenger) of God and son of Mary (Marium).
'Isa performed many miracles with the permission of God. For example, raising the dead, creating a bird from clay, talking as an infant. Islamic traditions states that he abstained from drinking alcohol. It also states that he received a revelation, the Injil (Gospel) Bible, though according to Islam, it has been distorted. Quran and Muslim teachings state 'Isa was not crucified, meaning he was not killed on the cross.  Isa was raised up to God and will return to Earth to fight the Dajjal during the time of the Mahdi.
Only Prophet who was raised from his sleep to travel outside Earth into space and see all the Seven Heavens and Hell and finally met Allah.
Habib u'l A'zam, Imam u'l Anbiya Sayyidina Muhammed ibn 'Abdullah,(53 B.H-11 A.H; 571-632 AD) [46] is the last prophet in Islam ("seal of the Prophets") Idolatry of any of the prophets should be avoided, as their messages from God hold the most weight. His father's name was 'Abdullah ibn 'AbdulMuttalib and his mother's name was Amina bint Wahb az-Zuhriyya. Muhammed (Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam). Born in Mecca in 571 AD (53 AH), Muhammed spent the first part of his life as a well-travelled merchant. He would often spend his time in the mountains surrounding Mecca in prayer contemplating the situation with the city. At the age of forty, during one of those trips to the mountain, Muhammed began to, despite his illiteracy, receive and recite verses from Allah which today make up the Qur'an. He quickly spread the message he was receiving, converting a few others in the city, including his wife. He is the last (seal) of the prophets with a message to all humanity. When oppression became intolerable for his followers, Muhammed first asked his fellow Muslims to migrate to Medina and later himself migrated to Medina away from the oppressors in Mecca. Muhammad served not just as a prophet, but as a military leader who helped defeat the Meccans in 624 during the Battle of Badr. He continued to lead the Muslims as Islam spread across the Arabian Peninsula. He performed the first hajj in 629 and established Islam as it is still practiced by Muslims today. Others continued Muhammad's legacy after his death in 632, having been given the position of caliph (or successor) to Muhammad. The Five Pillars of Islam were established from his Hadiths after Muhammad's death.

 Though prophets have stopped coming Dervish or holy men still come.




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