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Apricot Bitter Almond

Bitter Almond

Prevents Cancer

Question :Is this safe to eat? Best to get APRICOT Kernels they are all naturally bitter.

Answer we have not seen any adverse events useing up to 10 a day.

Bitter almond a very important cure for a dreaded disease
Habitat: Native from Asia. It is cultivated in warm Mediterranean places, sometimes naturalized.

Composition: Proteins,

minerals( aluminum, antimony, cadmium, calcium., cobalt, copper, iron, magnesium ..Esc) Oleic, palmitic and oxalic acids,

vitamins ( A and B mainly ) amygdalin and fatty acid.

Amygdalin which, by means of enzyme emulsin, in contact with saliva becomes hydrocyanic acid, a strong poison. Is in very low quantity.

Amino acids (Arginine, histidine, tyrosine, niacin, leucine, glycine...etc)

Active parts Almonds of this variety (var. amara) Sweet almonds, when raw, also contain amygdalin, in less quantity, so it is not convenient to eat almonds until ripe. When fully matured they loose this poison. They are high in Vitamin B-17.

For more information about sweet almond and its properties as a medicinal plant read above link. And the link to next three pages below.


on Uses:Bitter almonds are used as spices. Essential oil, besides being used in perfume industries, is is used as an antispasmodic of digestive tract, besides hypertension, flue..etc. Since it contains dangerous components, it is better not to use it in homemade products.

Toxicity: Very high.  ( 1-5 a day for adults have no detrimental effects)

To eat bitter almonds is very dangerous ( 20 almonds are a lethal dose for adults; about 10 for children) Is also very risky to use the essential oil and the distilled water obtained from bitter almonds.

Symptoms: Suffocation, bad breath, vomiting, dizziness, heart beat acceleration, respiratory breakdown and death. continued to page two of bitter almonds