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Here, then, is a list of food categories defined as Bible foods:

    •  Whole Fruits
    • Whole brown Grains, Rice & Cereals
    • Whole Vegetables
    • Whole Spices
    • Whole Legumes
    • Seeds and Beans
    • Unprocessed meats
    • Sprouts
    • Nuts
    • Herbs

    Health guidelines according to Bible are.

    1. Breath pure air deeply, For God breathed into Adam and he became a living soul.

    2. Bath daily in clean water and drink lots of water
    3. Eat natural wholesome foods and chew a food completely to bits for eating.

    Pray daily to help clean your sprite. Specially pray at night.

    Exercise on a daily basis.

    6. Work in the day and sleep at night. Wake up early in the morning.

    7. Work for 6 days and give yourself one day of rest.

    8. Go out in the sun , for light exposure.
    Fasting practice this on a regular basis.

    Help other people. Don't Fight, Don't kill innocent people, Help mankind.

    Diet according to the Bible

    • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables according to the season.

    • Cook lightly.

    • Eat different foods and eat wholesome food.

    • Eat a variety of seeds and nuts but do not overdo it since these foods are also very high in calories.

    • Use natural oils like Olive oil, eat it uncooked.

    • Use dried fruits such as raisins, dates and figs for desserts.

    • Dont eat PORK it makes you sick, eat other meats in moderate amounts.

    • And the pig, because it parts the hoof but does not chew the cud, is unclean for you. Their flesh you shall not eat, and their carcasses you shall not touch.

    • Dont take MSG, avoid splenda and diet drinks, No chemicals in your diet.

    • Please see our diet guidelines based upon the Bible and holy books. in the diet link above.

    • The bread you eat should be sprouted and multi grain.

    • He causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth. Psalm 104:14 (do not eat grain fed meat)

    • So obey the commands, laws, and rules I'm giving you today. If you listen to these rules and faithfully obey them, the LORD your God will keep his promise to you and be merciful to you, as he swore to your ancestors. Deuteronomy 7:12 
      The LORD will keep you from having any kind of illness. He will not strike you with any of the terrible diseases you experienced in Egypt...
       Deuteronomy 7:15

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