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Ok after reading this I went to the Chinese store and bought the cooking sesame oil,its dark for 2$.
In addition to the above info I found another site talking about oil pulling, they reminded that many medicines are suggested to take them by placing the pill below the tongue instead of swallow it. Its said there's a good absorption in that area.
SO I guess anybody can benefit from oil pulling with any oil containing vitamins E etc like olive oil cause the nutrients get absorbed but without the fat.

BUT if you read carefully the above article you will realize why Sesame oil is  recommended for oil pulling and the best for this use. Every oil will pass the nutrients to your body by oil pulling BUT not every oil will clean from toxins and bacteria's your body the way sesame oil does. Read above.
So I started oil pulling with sesame oil, also used it topically on my face like the article above suggest. I think I am not going to use any facial cream ever in my life. I use it as after shave, have very sensitive skin and this ,fights redness and moisturizes without clogging pores, good for facial lines too. Absorbs quickly have massaged on my knees that usually hurt and instantly feels better
Been oil pulling only for 4 days, not even 20 min every time, but I feel more energetic and sleep better, and my face shows all that.
I have bumps on my back, excess oil I think, tried to dry it with peroxide and clean baking soda but the bumps still remained. I did put sesame oil in my back...yes Oil...I thought I was crazy by doing it and that my red bumps would become huge. Guess what, my back is smoother than ever and bumps smaller after just single application...
Now the thing that lead me to write this article here just 4 days after the start of oil pulling cause it just amazed me...

So my conclusion is by oil pulling with sesame oil you not just get the benefits from omega and vitamins and minerals contained in many oils, but you clean your body from everything bad. Hope this helps and you give it a try." To do oil pulling take a spoon full of oil put it in the mouth and swish with it and do this minimum for 5 minutes, then you can throw the oil out. Some people do this for 10 minutes or more.

I recently began oil pulling, and I noticed my TMJ (jaw joint) problem flaring up at first. TMJ problems can result in all of the symptoms you described, including the neck pain.  This is because the neck and face / jaw muscles are very closely related during the functions of chewing, talking, opening/closing mouth. 

I realized that I was working the oil too hard and too fast in my mouth (20 minutes is a long time).  When I slowed down and did smaller movements with the oil, it was better.  I also had to start with a little less oil until my coordination improved to the point where I did not feel like I had to swallow. 

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