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The cause gums to be inflamed?

1. Pushing hard during brushing will injure your gums and cause inflammation and infection. Brush softly, do not push on the brush.

2. Bacteria within plaque releases toxins that cause inflammation of the gum tissue. You can remove plaque with gently using a nail file after rising your mouth with Hydrogen peroxide to make the plaque softer.

3. Prior to menstruation, progesterone increases. This will widen blood vessels that lead to inflammation. It also interrupts the repair of collagen, the structural protein that supports the gums. If you have gum inflammation while pregnant, it will get worse.

If the gum is very inflamed and swollen, you will need to see your dentist to surgically remove some of the excess gum tissue. You can avoid seeing the dentist if you use Hydrogen peroxide follow the link at the bottom of the page and rinse every night with 3 % hydrogen peroxide .

However, you don't have to wait until it becomes severe. You can reduce the gum inflammation easily. Rinse your mouth olive oil, swishing the oil for 15 minutes daily. Remove food residues between teeth with  oil swishing or water swishing.

If you have minor gum infections, treat it with anti-bacterial mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide , baking soda or a 50/50 mix of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda which is the best solution to fix and prevent all teeth problems, or anti-bacterial anaesthetic spray. Use Doxycycline 100mg daily this is a capsule  and will have to be used for two weeks once at night. This will fix even the strawberry Gums of wagers disease.

Regular tooth brushes can remove plaque. It is the most effective way to prevent cavity. Dental flossing can prevent gum inflammation. Clean between your teeth with the dental floss. It can remove plaque by scrubbing it off the surface of your teeth. You do not have to do flossing if you use hydrogen peroxide for your gums.

Even though gum inflammation is common, you should not ignore it. You may not develop periodontitis, a severe gum disease. However, the inflammation breaks down gum tissue. The pockets gradually become deeper, allowing more bacteria to accumulate. Plaque begins to form on the teeth and gums. Eventually, a simple gum inflammation can turn into a serious gum disease. You can avoid losing your teeth. Practice daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash. Also visit your dentist regularly for checkups.f hydrogen peroxide does not bother you then that is the best cleaner and protector of your teeth.

If you want sparkling white teeth at home and get rid of any infections in your gums and teethread this link.  Please also see our services section link on top and left side of the page if you want to fix any dental issue.

By using 3% Hydrogen peroxide nearly any infection and inflammation in the Gums can be reduced. This will help increase healing even from allergic conditions and you  will see full recovery. One benefit is that your teeth will look whiter.

A super benefit for Girls is if they use hydrogen peroxide on their hands and face it will get rid of darks pots and all the hair in that area will fall off.

Some things have been said, yet so much more cannot be written about. See this message