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Dyspareunia is painful  relationship, due to medical or psychological causes. The term is used almost exclusively in women, although the problem can also occur in men. The causes are often reversible, even when long-standing, but self-perpetuating pain is a factor after the original cause has been removed

When pain occurs, the woman experiencing dyspareunia may be distracted from feeling pleasure and excitement. Both local lubrication and local dilation decrease. When the area is dry and undilated,  relationship is painful

What are some of the causes of dyspareunia?

Any part of the genitals can cause pain . Some conditions affect the skin around the organ. The pain from these conditions is usually felt when contact is made, but pain can also occur even when sitting or wearing pants. Inflammation or infection may be the cause (such as a yeast infection

We know that the mind and the body work together. This is also seen with sexual problems. Often the problem that first caused the pain may go away, but you have learned to expect the pain. This can lead to further problems because you may be tense during the course or you may be unable to become aroused. The problem can then become a cycle and you are caught in the middle.

Negative attitudes about  and misinformation about the functions of the woman's body are often associated with some types of pain. Is pain all in your head? Yes! But it is important to discuss feelings and difficulties with your partner and your doctor.

The most common cause is a infection. Clean the sexual areas with hydrogen peroxide and use a vegetarian milk and meat free diet to overcome the issue. Use Olive oil or Sesame seed oil as a lubricant.

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