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  CIDP Story of transplant

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 Please read the account of a patient who suffered due to a transplant it changed her life forever avoid this.         

In 1999, I had a vaginal hysterectomy and a human donor (cadaver) fascia placed to correct urinary incontinence. 

Postop. my ankles were so weak I could not walk without assistance for several days.  My doctor told me this was due to being in the lithotomy position for so long (4-5 hours) and would resolve.  I did get to where I could walk, but my ankles remained extremely weak.   I was never able to wear a shoe with a heel because my ankles would roll and/or twist. 

Lithotomy position

Four weeks after surgery, I severely sprained my left ankle.  Over the next several months, I developed  numbness, tingling, and weakness in my left hand and foot.  These symptoms gradually progressed to my right hand and foot.  I  began to loose my balance and walking coordination.

I was misdiagnosed with carpal tunnel in my wrist and plantar fasciitis in my feet.  The neuropathy symptoms continued to worsen to the point that I could barely walk secondary to weak ankles and numbness in my feet.  In addition, I was loosing the use of my hands.

I December 2001, I saw a neurologist who diagnosed me with CIDP.  This was confirmed on a nerve conduction study, nerve biopsy, and spinal fluid.  I have been treated with plasma exchange, chemotherapy, cortisone, Revif, and IVIG.  Presently, I take cortisone and IVIG 2 days every two weeks.

My symptoms are becoming progressively debilitating.  I have constant pain in my hands and feet.  I am also experiencing fatigue.  I reminded my neurologist of the donor sling.  She believes that this may be the cause of the autoimmune disease.  My symptoms occurred immediately after surgery and continued to progress In spite of very aggressive therapy.  I maintain an elevated sed rate of 45-80 with high doses of steroids.

I am currently seeing a urologist re recurrent UTIs.  He also thinks the sling may be the cause of the CIDP.  He will remove the sling and make a new one from my rectus fascia. 

I am not sure what happened during surgery but I do believe that my CIDP began during surgery.  Hopefully, we will find what it was, treat it, and cure the CIDP.

I eventually saw a neurologist who diagnosed me with CIDP.  I was treated with IVIG and had great improvement, but over time the IG is not as effective

(Its true IVIg in the long run will become ineffective) Dr Khan