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I was diagnosed with CIDP and Celiac Sprue the end of may 2005. This diagnosis came after nearly 6 months of progressive numbness and weakness in my hands and arms then progressing into my legs and feet.

The diagnosis was polyneuropathy. (if the neuropathy is demylinating its called CIDP)

 I received a 5 day course of IVIG treatments and the University of Kentucky Medical Center. It has been followed up by two months of 5 day courses.  Getting better.

  • Please see our Celiac Disease Guide

  • Another lady reports about her symptoms of Celiac disease
     I went un-diagnosed! Horrible skin rashes, migraines so bad I was hospitalized a few times, serious bloating, diarrhea constantly, ulcers, horrible mouth sores, oh so tired ALL THE TIME, and at 30 I was told I had the beginnings of osteoporosis! When my kidneys and liver started failing last year (also at the age of 30) my doc finally gave up and said, Ive got no more ideas.
  • Read neurological  symptoms of Celiac
  • A third lady reports:

    severe anemia, fatigue, shortness of breath
    elevated LFTs ( Liver functions)
    overall bad bloodwork: low everything platelets, vit Bs, etc.
    mouth sores, splitting fingernails
    brain fog, feeling numb

    Read the story of a Celiac Patient

    Yet another report
    Joint pains (initially diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis)
    PMS (lots of it)
    Adult teeth grew through without enamel  (how many dentist are going to diagnose Celiac)

    Fenugreek contains a compound called diosgenin. In laboratories, diosgenin can be converted to estrogen and progesterone but that same conversion doesn't occur naturally in the body.

    Sesame seed oil and bigger breast


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