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Parkinson is Inflammation.


Blood Pressure Drugs Prevent Parkinson's

Autoimmune Parkinson

Parkinson causes a resting tremor (pill rolling type). A flexed posture , slowness of movements and increased tone of the muscles. Due to this change of tone patients with Parkinsons do not get wrinkles. For Parkinson-plus read at the end of this page.

We have been doing research in Parkinson's for 20 + years. Currently anti basal Ganglia antibodies are found in Parkinson's patients. Parkinson's commonly occurs in patients who have other autoimmune diseases.

Chemicals like pesticides trigger Parkinson's. Just walking the garden aisle of a superstore packed with pesticide will give you enough exposure to cause this diseases.

Many top Movie Stars  got Parkinson after exposure to a drug called MPTP. This WAS A AUTOIMMUNE REACTION.

Parkinson's will also be triggered by surgery and injury, this all shows a autoimmune connections.

Patients with Parkinson treated with anti-inflammatory drugs have completely recovered. We have also developed a external stimulator to help reverse this condition and after is undergoing trials at the Nanotech Neurology Center.

Parkinson without a tremor is called Parkinsons plus. People consider these syndromes have no treatment. We have reversed these syndromes with a external stimulator and antibiotics.

We have used trigger point injections to make a bed bound Parkinson patient move around the house!

For complete guide to Parkinson treatment protocol please read our E-Book