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Parkinson Types.


Parkinson's many types

Autoimmune Parkinson


Idopathic Parkinson Syndrome

Idiopathic parkinsonism or Lewy body PD  read Mycoplasma 

Secondary (symptomatic) parkinsonism

parkinson Head tremor,

wrinkless face -expressionless

, stooped posture ,

pill rolling hand tremor at rest goes away with movement

. Short steppage gait

Drug-induced (dopamine receptor blockers, presynaptic dopamine-depleting agents)ed (MPTP, manganese, carbon monoxide, hypoxia)This is the condition reported in M.J. Fox the sudden onset to this toxin which selectively affects the same neurones as idopathic Parkinson disease.

Metabolic disorder Metabolic disorders (eg, Wilson's disease)

The brown ringof copper  is prominent for Wilsons

  The brown ring around Iris is the copper in Wilson's. In Wilson disease a brown ring around eyes is visible its very prominent and may be present without any clinical symptoms. In late stages liver is affected and dystonic movements are present.


Vascular parkinsonism


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Neurodegenerative diseases

Progressive supranuclear palsy

Multiple system atrophy another autoimmune Parkinson reversiable with IVIG.

Cortical-basal ganglionic degeneration

Diffuse Lewy body disease

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis/parkinsonism-dementia complex of Guamify"
Alzheimer's disease with extrapyramidal signs
Rigid variant of Huntington's disease
Hallervorden-Spatz disease
Other disorders with parkinsonian features
Normal pressure hydrocephalus
Psychogenic parkinsonism

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