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Lipoic Acid

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   Lipoic Acid

  •  Sunday, May 01, 2005 Commentary |
    Controlled-Release Alpha-Lipoic Acid Introduced for Diabetics (press release)

    The First and Only Proprietary, Controlled-Release Formulation of Alpha-Lipoic Acid Reduces Oxidative Stress Associated with Diabetes by Antagonizing Excessive Free Radicals at the Cellular Level
    Medical Research Institute (MRI), an innovator in nutraceutical approaches for diabetes, today announced the availability of Glucotize(TM), the only patented (three US patents awarded; additional applications filed), controlled-release formulation of the safe and

    effective antioxidant alpha-lipoic acid. Extensive research and clinical experience have indicated that alpha-lipoic acid is safe, well tolerated, and effective in providing symptomatic relief of diabetic neuropathy. Most recently, results from a collaborative study between groups from the Mayo Clinic and the Russian Medical Academy reported that alpha-lipoic acid rapidly and significantly reduced the frequency and severity of symptoms from diabetic polyneuropathy (Ametov et al Diabetes Care 2003 26:770-6).
    More recently, alpha-lipoic acid has been reported to improve whole-body glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity in individuals with type 2 diabetes, which if confirmed in larger studies, could help in the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes along with other conditions associated with impaired glucose metabolism. Intravenous infusions of ALA have been used with outstanding results by physicians in Germany for more than 25 years to treat neuropathy, a common diabetic complication, and one that causes significant pain and discomfort.

    While other manufacturers offer alpha-lipoic acid, it is not controlled release, a limitation that means alpha-lipoic acid is eliminated from the body very quickly -- in as little as 30 minutes -- significantly hampering its efficacy. MRI's Glucotize(TM) is a unique oral formulation whose controlled-release formulation remains in the body for hours rather than minutes.
    "It's well known that alpha-lipoic acid helps protect mitochondria -- the 'power plant' found in each cell -- from being damaged by toxic byproducts created when those mitochondria are deluged with too much glucose or fatty acids," said Dr. Joseph L. Evans, MRI's vice president of Research and Development and Chief Scientific Officer. "We believe that there is a compelling scientific rationale that supports the use of alpha-lipoic acid to reduce oxidative stress (too many free radicals) in individuals with diabetes, a strategy that has been shown to offer symptomatic relief for diabetic peripheral neuropathy. MRI's approach has been to overcome the rapid elimination of alpha-lipoic acid by developing a controlled release formulation, which maintains an effective level in the body for a longer time."
    "Alpha-lipoic acid has long been recognized for its beneficial impact on diabetic neuropathy," said Dr. Ira D. Goldfine, director, Division of Diabetes & Endocrine Research, Mount Zion Medical Center, University of California San Francisco. "However, the current oral formulations typically remain in the blood only a very short time, requiring either multiple daily doses or intravenous infusions. While more clinical studies are needed with controlled-release oral formulations of alpha-lipoic acid, it is clear that such preparations should be very helpful for diabetics suffering from complications such as neuropathy."


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