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Dr Robert Beck Energetic-Medicine researcher 1925-2002
What is The Beck Protocol?
There are four parts to The Beck Protocol.

1. Microcurrent therapy for cleansing the blood
Over the years, while enjoying the fruits of a successful career as an
acclaimed physicist, Robert (Bob) C. Beck, D.Sc. maintained an
interest in electro-therapy for health. When he heard that viruses and
other pathogens had been deactivated in a medical research study by
the application of microcurrents of electricity to blood, his
considerable intellect and ingenuity were aroused. While the medical
research suggested the application of microcurrents similar to
dialysis with the blood flowing out and then back into the body, Bob
Beck developed a system to apply microcurrents to blood without
invading the body. He developed a simple system for applying these
microcurrents by placing electrodes over the wrist arteries.

2. Magnetic pulsing for tissue electrification
After considerable experimentation on himself, friends, acquaintances
and a few individuals diagnosed with AIDS, all reaped some health
benefit. Soon, however, he realized that the blood might be cleared of
viruses or other pathogens but these same pathogens could be
temporarily hiding in the lymph system. To create the necessary
microcurrents in lymph and tissue to neutralize viruses and other
pathogens, he developed a magnetic pulse generator. Pulsed magnetic
fields create microcurrents in lymph and other tissue.

3. Drinking ionic/colloidal silver
Bob explains how he awoke at 4:00 a.m. one morning with a sudden
insight. He knew colloidal silver had been used extensively prior to
the advent of antibiotics. He awoke with an insight on how to make
colloidal silver electrically— easily and inexpensively. Thus was born
an industry for the manufacture of home units to make colloidal
silver. Ionic/colloidal silver is made using 99.99% pure silver wires,
distilled water and an electrical circuit.

4. Drinking freshly ozonated water
By this time, Bob Beck was on the lecture circuit at health shows to
make his discoveries known. At his lectures, he also provided papers
with information about his work and the schematics to build units.
These lectures gave Bob an opportunity to talk with many people who
had either bought or built his units and were using them to improve
their health. One problem kept recurring. Many experienced flu-like
symptoms as a result of the die-off of the pathogens
. The body was not
able to expel the toxins fast enough. Bob always stated the importance
of drinking enough water to help flush toxins but one day he realized
adding ozone to the water would speed the detoxification process.
Ozone is a great detoxifier but ozone was generally only available
using expensive medical devices. Bob visited a fish supply store as he
knew they used ozone to keep the fish tanks oxygenated. Eureka! Bob
and his friends started freshly ozonating a glass of water before
drinking it. Bob used a pulse oxymeter on the finger to measure blood
oxygen saturation and discovered, water saturated with ozone would
increase the level of oxygen in the blood
. Thus the fourth part of The
Beck Protocol was added—drinking freshly ozonated water to help flush

A big advantage of The Beck Protocol is that it can be used in the
privacy of your home. The effectiveness of The Beck Protocol has
spread worldwide—largely by word-of-mouth. People around the world
have found the tools offered by The Beck Protocol have helped them
heal and recover … from minor ailments to debilitating diseases.


1. Apply salt-water moistened electrodes over Ulnar and Radial
arteries on opposite insides of same wrist. A Velcro(R) and elastic
strap holds electrodes in place. You must electrify blood for one to
two hours every day for three weeks. This should not interfere with
other activities. As your blood circulates normally, enough will be
flowing along this path in forearm until most blood in your body is
eventually treated by the 50 to 100 microampere current flowing
internally. About 3 to 5 milliamperes is necessary at the skin to
overcome resistive losses through tissue before current reaches blood.

2. Drink 8 to 16 OZ of 3 to 5 ppm self-made Silver Colloid daily.
Costing under 1 cent per gallon, colloids are shown to easily control
opportunistic infections. This gives you a second intact immune
system. Colloids can be generated in the same water while ozonizing.


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