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                                        Ibn Sina's Al-Qānūn fī al-țibb (The canon of medicine)

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Avicenna (b. 980/370 H; d. 1037/428 H).
Born in 980 in a town near Bukhara in Central Asia, he traveled widely in the eastern Islamic lands. Cenna published the first texbook of medicine on earth. That textbook called the Canon of Medicine (Laws of Medicine), forms the basis of modern medicine. Cenna put together all the medical knowledge available in his time all over the world. The most important thing he taught us, was to treat the cause of a disease.
The Arabic text of the Qanun was published in Rome in 1593 and was therefore one of the earliest Arabic books to see print. It was translated into Latin by Gerard of Cremona in the 12th century. This 'Canon', with its encyclopaedic content, its systematic arrangement and philosophical plan, soon worked its way into a position of pre-eminence in the medical literature of the age displacing the works of Galen, al-Razi and al-Majusi, and becoming the text book for medical education in the schools of Europe. In the last 30 years of the 15th century it passed through 15 Latin editions and one Hebrew. In recent years, a partial translation into English was made. From the 12th-17th century, the Qanun served as the chief guide to Medical Science in the West and is said to have influenced Leonardo da Vinci. In the words of Dr. William Osler, the Qanun has remained "a medical bible for a longer time than any other work".

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