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    What is IVIG  20 Facts 

1. What is  IVIG or Intravenous Immune Globulin?

           IVIg is a collection of Y shaped antibodies called IgG as shown in the above cartoon.

IVIg is a pooled plasma product  formed by taking antibodies from donors and mixing them together. IVIg has proven effective in several immune system disorders,CIDP ,MS, stiff person syndrome and GBS. The sooner you can treat the patient with IVIg the better the results. There is a window of opportunity usually within the first 18 months during which IVIg administration is ideal. The longer you wait to treat with IVIg the longer it will take for IVIg to work.

After being exposed to toxins and poisonous chemicals including carbon monoxide the body's immune system may mount a attack on the body. This autoimmune attack can be tamed by IVIG.

2. How does IVIG work? 

For immune deficiency where the body does not make enough antibodies, IVIG  supplies them. For autoimmune disorders like GBS & CIDP, there is a abnormal autoantibody being formed which is inactivated by IVIG.

Patients with autoimmune disorders like CIDP also are deficient in antiidotype antibodies. IVIG has antiidotype antibodies & improve the patients condition.  IVIg has a higher concentration of antiidotype antibodies.

3. How long does it take to a IVIG treatment to have a effect? 

After IVIg infusion, patients may see a response in their disease within 24- 48 hours. Some patients will have to wait 3-4 weeks to see an effect after IVIg. In a few no effect may be seen following IVIg infusion. If 4-5 cycles of IVIg do not show any response then try increasing the dose of IVIG ,, most people will respond to increase in dose, rarely a change in IVIg brand is needed to see a responce(. The NIH recommends that if no response is seen with IVIg infusions, then add steroids to the treatment plan.

Everyone is slightly different as it depends on how long has the disease process been going on. The sooner one treats the disease with IVIg the faster the response. No one can predict how a particular patient will respond to IVIg.

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