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Patient is disturbed, anxious and restless. Awakened by pains. Sleeplessness due to fear of air raids etc. Frequent starting up and twitching in. Somnolency in evening. Sleeplessness with constant restlessness and tossing about. Inability to fall asleep after once awaking at night. Anxious dreams.

Argenticum nitricum

Sleepless from fancies. Dreams of serpents, with horror. thoughts activity of mind, from : midnight, before.


It is suited for the insomnia of brain workers. It is indicated in business men who pass restless nights, awaken early in the morning and worry over their business affairs. It also is most useful in a state of alternate excitement and depression. Gelsemium has also sleeplessness from emotional disturbances, and after evening company. The patient goes to bed tired, but immediately becomes wakeful. It is especially suited to thin, spare men who are nervous and subject to nervous chills. Yawning, with stupor and inability to keep eyes open; with general numbness. Late falling to sleep, the nightmare. Insomnia from exhaustion and irritation.

Ignatia amara

Sleeps so light that he hears everything in it. Dreams all night of the same subject. Insomnia due to grief, anxious thoughts, sadness or any depressing emotions. Deep, stupefying. Sleep after the cough paroxysms. Restless sleep and great restlessness at night with a tremor passing through the body. Fixed ideas in his dreams which continue after waking. Child awakes from sleep with piercing cries and trembles all over.

Magnesium  carbonica

Sleeplessness from oppression in abdomen or from anxious uneasiness and internal fear, with a great dread of being uncovered.Sleeplessness from flatus, cutting wisdom- teeth, exhaustion. Unrefreshing sleep and feels tired in the morning. Dreams of fire, food, robbers, quarrels, money, pleasures, misfortune and dead persons.

Cocculus indicus

It is especially suited to light haired, timid, nervous and bookworms persons.  Sleeplessness due to night watching, nursing with worry and anxiety. Thinking of the business of the day prevents sleep. Spasmodic yawning. Sleepless from mental or physical exhaustion.

Aconitum  napellus

Sleeplessness from anxiety, restlessness, anguish and fear; child tosses about feverishly. Starting up in after midnight during sleeplessness, with constant tossing about from anxiety, and flightiness with closed eyes. Drowsiness, with inability to sleep. Disturbed sleep. Anxious dreams. Insomnia of the elderly.

Arnica montana

Arnica is particularly adapted to sanguine, plethoric persons, disposed to cerebral congestion, persons easily made train-sick or sea-sick. Sleeplessness caused by over-exertion and weariness of mind and body. Day sleepiness, with inability to sleep. Dreams of death, anxious and terrible, awakes in terror, then sleepless.


Sleeplessness at night on account of dry heat cannot rest in any posture. He cannot get quiet position. Nightly sleeplessness with anxiety, dry heat and frequent starting up. Anxious dreams. Wakes with slightest noise.

Ferrum metallicum.

It is adapted to young, anemic, pseudo- plethoric persons who look strong but are very weak physically. Restless, with anxious tossing. Great drowsiness and fatigue, with inability to sleep at night. Falls to sleep late in evening. Can lie on back only.

Muriaticum acidum

Sleepy, but unable to sleep; tosses about; dreamy and restless all through the night. Irritable. Continual snoring, groaning, tossing about and talking, with sliding down in bed, especially before . Frequently wakened by a chill early in morning in bed.


Sleeplessness or insomnia due to nervous break down. Stupefying, with profuse sweat. Insomnia with dilated heart, with cold, clammy skin and anxiety.

Senecio jacobaea

For sleeplessness from prolapsus of uterus. Uterine irritation during climacteric.

Cannabis indica

In obstinate and intractable forms of insomnia. An irregular sleep is more of an indication than absolute insomnia. Unconquerable day sleepiness; Unrefreshing night sleep. Sleepless at night because of anxiety and heat as though dashed with hot water.

Kalium phosphoricum

Sleeplessness, especially during the latter part of the night. The patient is a nervous due to business worries and excessive mental exertion.

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