Vitamin B-12


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by: M.C |JUlY 4, 2020

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is also called cobalamin because it contains the metal cobalt. This vitamin helps maintain healthy nerve cells and red blood cells. It is also needed to help make DNA, the genetic material in all cells.

Vitamin B12 is bound to the protein in food. Hydrochloric acid in the stomach releases B12 from proteins in foods during digestion. Once released, vitamin B12 combines with a substance called gastric intrinsic factor (IF). This complex can then be absorbed by the intestinal tract. 

If you feel fatigue, tiredness and no energy you need B-12. Just do not run and get it , but fly, and take the tablet under the tounge, if its a capsule, cut it and swallow it under the tongue. You will have enough energy to run around the whole world.

Do pregnant and/or lactating women need extra Vitamin B12?

During pregnancy, nutrients travel from mother to foetus through the placenta. Vitamin B12, like other nutrients, is transferred across the placenta during pregnancy. Breast-fed infants receive their nutrition, including vitamin B12, through breast milk. Vitamin B12 deficiency in infants is rare but can occur as a result of maternal insufficiency. For example, breast-fed infants of women who follow strict vegetarian diets have very limited reserves of vitamin B12 and can develop a vitamin B12 deficiency within months of birth. This is of particular concern because undetected and untreated vitamin B12 deficiency in infants can result in permanent neurologic damage. Consequences of such neurologic damage are severe and can be irreversible. Mothers who follow a strict vegetarian diet should consult with a paediatrician regarding appropriate vitamin B12 supplementation for their infants and children. They should also discuss their own need for vitamin B12 supplementation with their personal physician.
Who else may need a vitamin B12 supplement to prevent a deficiency?

  • Individuals with pernicious anemia or with gastrointestinal disorders may benefit from or require a vitamin B12 supplement.
  • Older adults and vegetarians may benefit from a vitamin B12 supplement or an increased intake of foods fortified with vitamin B12.
  • Some medications may decrease absorption of vitamin B12. Chronic use of those medications may result in a need for supplemental B12.
    Individuals with pernicious anemia
    Anemia is a condition that occurs when there is insufficient haemoglobin in red blood cells to carry oxygen to cells and tissues. Common signs and symptoms of anemia include fatigue and weakness. Anemia can result from a variety of medical problems, including deficiencies of vitamin B12, vitamin B6, folate and iron. Pernicious anemia is the name given more than a century ago to describe the then-fatal vitamin B12 deficiency anemia that results from severe gastric atrophy, a condition that prevents gastric cells from secreting intrinsic factor. Intrinsic factor is a substance normally present in the stomach. Vitamin B12 must bind with intrinsic factor before it can be absorbed and used by your body. An absence of intrinsic factor prevents normal absorption of B12 and results in pernicious anemia.