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Yeast Infection Home Remedies

by Shari and Clare

Editor's Note: Do NOT try these home remedies without consulting a health professional to make sure they are appropriate for you.

Another home remedy that works for me is douching with apple cider vinegar. I only use Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar. I usually have a jar with garlic in it sitting in the bathroom for other itches, and that works well too. About a tablespoon for a quart of water.

If all else fails, I call my naturopath and he has suppositories that are made with tea tree oil and another with acidophilous. You're supposed to use one one night and the other the next night. I usually just use the tea tree oil one and that works the first time.

Okay ... it is time for me to add to the "gross" category of remedies that work and are good for you, but you guys out there might want to close your eyes and cover your ears. Or, if you are brave, share these remedies with a wife or friend who might be having the problem. 

This home remedy is for vaginal yeast infections.

1. Go to the store and buy a small carton of "plain" yogurt -- doesn't matter whether it is name brand or store brand or is nonfat, lowfat or wholefat because you are NOT going to eat it. But make sure it is PLAIN with NO fruit, NO added sugar (milk sugar listed on the carton doesn't count of course), and NO flavoring in it of ANY type. You should make sure that whatever type yogurt you buy has "ACTIVE CULTURES" listed on its container. 

2. While you're at the store pick up a box of tampons to go with the yogurt.

3. Pay for them. No one will look at you weird and no one will ask for any ID. ( this #3 is a humorous point only, so laugh .... but do pay!)

Now you're curious, aren't you? 

But seriously now,

4. Go home and take one of the tampons and dip it into the yogurt and insert it into the vagina, allowing it to stay in place for at least an hour or so -- longer certainly won't hurt you. It is COOL and SOOTHING for one thing and will get some of the "good bacteria" right where it is needed the most since that is the main reason to use it -- to get the "GOOD" bacteria into where there is a build up of too much "bad" yeast type bacteria. 

5. Continue this for once or twice a day for two or three days, or as long as needed, until the situation resolves itself. 

6. Of course, REMEMBER TO KEEP THE CONTAINER OF "MEDICINAL" YOGURT SEPARATE FROM THE OTHER ONES IN YOUR FRIG THAT YOU MIGHT EAT (and of course throw out any leftovers). You can more than likely use homemade yogurts too.

I have tried this myself a couple of times in the past (even inserting one at night before I go to bed and leaving till the morning), and it has worked like a charm. 

There is also a homeopathic product on the market that you can get over the counter, I forget the name of it but most drug stores carry it, but the yogurt seems to work well. 

A friend shared this yeast infection remedy with me one time because she was having a recurring problem with it herself until someone shared it with her. 

At first I was like "WHAT!" But if you get desperate you are willing to try "unconventional methods." Also I wanted to stay away from all the prescription stuff and use them only as a last resort. Fortunately, I never needed anything else after the yogurt!

Of course, REMEMBER that this information is for "educational" purposes only, and you should check with your Doctor for medical advice when seeking medical treatments.

I am not diagnosing anyone either! (I just "had" to add this little insert -- couldn't resist since I see this kind of "additional info" in ALL the "Alternative" health books I read.

Happy Health! 



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