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We must be grateful for vaccines and the countless lives that they have saved. 

First off, people need to be reminded that vaccines do not keep us from acquiring a particular disease completely.  They simply lessen the severity of the effects of disease.  The flu shot will not necessarily keep you from getting the flu, it just lessens the severity in most cases.  So when you hear things like,”Polio doesn’t exist in the western world,” this is an outright LIE. 

 That being said, I would like to point you toward an article from the National Vaccine Information Center.  It explains, in great detail, the association between the rise of Autoimmune and brain disorders and vaccines.   It links vaccines to disorders ranging from autism and ADHD to arthritis; Lupus to  fibromyalgia; “common” allergies to blood sugar disorders.

I also want to make sure people are educated on the once dreaded Polio illness.  In spite of many claims that this illness has been all but eradicated in the western world, the fact is this.  Yes, since 1979, the only reported cases of Paralytic Polio in the US have been caused by the live oral vaccine which is no longer recommended by the CDC or AAP.  However, there are mild forms of Polio known as Abortive Polio and a slightly more serious form called Nonparalytic Polio.    People with abortive polio may never even know they have it.  It is characterized by flu-like symptoms (with or without fever) such as mild upper respiratory infection, diarrhea, sore throat and a general  feeling of being ill.  Nonparalytic polio may include the above as well as neurological symptoms such as sensitivity to light and neck stiffness.

Many people may be walking around unsuspecting with mild forms of this disease because the truth is that the illness has not been eradicated; doctors just dont test for it anymore because it’s severity has been diminished.  Some possible signs that you could be carrying this now, mild but still in many ways miserable illness are:

  • one side of the body is sigificantly weaker and more prone to organ or joint problems than the other side
  • recurring flu-like symptoms such as lowgrade fever and fatigue, headaches (especially migraines), constipation or diarrhea
  • recurring infections such as eye or sinus infections mostly on  one eye or one nostril
  • heart, lung or kidney issues of any kind(including stones) predominantly on one side or more severe on one side.
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (including ADD/ADHD, OCD,) or other mood disorders or psychological disorder.
  • Breathing or swallowing problems
  • Sleep-related breathing problems (such as sleep apnea)
  • stiffness of neck, back or legs, especially on one side in addition to flu-like symptoms
  • Intolerance to cold

Some of the above symptoms may even be attributed to the vaccine or even Post Polio Syndrome. 

PPS can include new muscle weakness, joint pain, fatigue, increased sensitivity to cold, sleeping, and swallowing difficulties. Unfortunately, due to lack of awareness, it is often misdiagnosed as normal ageing and degeneration, leaving those affected without access to interventions that can assist with management of the condition.

 Through my  (Allergy Elimination) treatments,  it was discovered that my body had a moderate reaction to the vaccine and I was treated (29 years later) for this sensitivity and noticed significant improvement in my mental/social function, energy level and the functionality of my left side which was moderately weaker, but I had just thought of it as normal since I’m right handed. 

CK levels in the blood indicate muscle deterioration, including cardiac muscle.  Normal levels are around 200.  My ck levels at one time were 2200(11 times what they ought to be.)    After I was called into the ER, they were still in the 1700 range.  No cause for this was ever found.  I havent gotten them rechecked yet to see if any improvement has been made.  It will be interesting to see.  I’ll keep you updated.

I urge parents not to fear getting your children vaccinated, but get them tested and treated by NAET before AND after.  This natural, non-invasive testing and treatment can greatly reduce any potential complications that many parents fear will happen to their children.  It is the only known complete and permanent cure for sensitivities. ..  I have nothing to gain from this other than potentially guiding people to the most amazing medical treatment ever.