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Natural beauty TipsNatural beauty Tips of India -2

How to clean the skinncreasing number of products entering the market and wide publicities through advertisements, people get more and more confused while looking for a suitable beauty product
The best cleaner is baking soda being used by most Hollywood movie stars. It is also useful as a abrasive and will peel off dead skin so new cells can replace them..
It is important to read the labels of beauty products carefully and then decide or select what is best for your skin. For instance, bath products should be right for the skin type and age. It doesn't  matter if it is soap or gel.
Doctors recommend using glycerin soaps or cream based products for kids up to the age of 12, to cleanse and nourish their soft skin. Youngsters can avoid using creamy products unless they have very dry skin. As the sebaceous glands are normally very active and secrete excess oil around the age of 25, teenagers need a body wash or soap which cleanses and removes grime from their skin. Once people cross 40 years, their skin becomes dry and gets ageing, so a glycerin or cream based cleanser is again needed.

Turmeric as a Beauty Aid

Turmeric makes an excellent beauty aid and has been used for decades. Raw turmeric has many uses and preferable compared to powdered turmeric. It is especially used by girls before the marriage its applied to the face and considered very auspicious.
In India, it is common practice to apply turmeric paste to beautify Indian brides as it purifies blood, nourishes the skin and gives it a healthy natural glow.

Makeup tips

Best color for nail Polish French pink can be a much more appealing alternative. Its the prettiest on our skin tone and gives a more finished look. Skin
Start with a skin care regimen almost up to a month before. Don't try anything new too soon before the wedding in case your skin reacts poorly . The same applies to threading and bleaching, which should be done at least a week in advance to avoid any rashes.

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