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Chemical Found in Cosmetics, Soaps and Lubricants is Hazardous for Men

 Phthalates are linked to reproductive issues.  This chemical, found in nearly everything including plastics, shampoos, cosmetics, lubricants, paint and soaps, is strongly connected to abdominal obesity and insulin resistance in adult males. This discovery made by the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Even in low doses the exposures to phthalates and several other common chemicals might reduce the levels of testosterone in men.  Exposure to such chemicals leads to the increase of obesity rates and an epidemic of such related disorders like Type 2 diabetes. He outlined that some significant declines in both testosterone levels and quality of sperm have been spotted during the last several decades in the United States and some other countries.

Studies made on animals showed that phthalates consistently depress the levels of testosterone. Recently,  chemicals are linked to poor quality of semen in men. This also refers to reproductive organs in boy babies.

 Phthalates could be the cause of obesity because low testosterone seems to increase belly fat and pre-diabetes in men.

. A significant number of these men, and namely in addition had fasting levels of glucose and insulin required to estimate the resistance to insulin. As it was expected the researchers found that some phthalates metabolites had a strong connection with the abdominal obesity. The discovery showed that men with a high level of phthalates, found in their urine, had more resistance to belly fat and insulin.

The research was made with adjustments for several other factors that might influence the results. These include menís: age, race, food intake, as well as the levels of physical activity and smoking. The study showed that about 75 percent of all Americans have in their urine measurable levels of phthalates.


  • Many legumes, grains contain phylates (phytic acids), specially soy contains far higher quantities of phylates than other grains and legumes. Furthermore, the normal method of reducing phylates in grains by long, slow cooking does not reduce phylates  in soy beans

To read much more on this topic proceed to soy page of the web site to stay healthy and avoid diseases .Soy contains phylate.