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Before entering Makkah, pilgrims wear ihram which are not sewn. Those who perform Hajj al-Tamatt'u, do Umrah first and slip into everyday clothes. Now for the Hajj, they put on ihram from their residence in Makkah. Ihram is two pieces of white cloth unstitched.
hajj All pilgrims, in the state of ihram, are forbidden to cover their heads, hunt, argue, cut their hair or nails, kill flies, mosquitoes and lice, use perfume, or engage in sexual relations. A woman may wear any dress for ihram as long as it does not show her adornments, or cause temptation to men. She is forbidden to wear gloves, apply mehndi or to cover her face. No pushing, no anger just smiles and be ready to help and give way to others.

Within the precincts of al-Haram, no one, in the state of ihram or not, is allowed to cut trees, pluck vegetables or pick a lost property except for the sake of identifying it for its owner.ed MosquAt the Sacred Mosque, pilgrims make a greeting tawaf (tawaf al-qudum) - circling Ka'bah seven times.


They then perform the sa'eey - making seven trips between the hills of Safa and Marwah, enclosed in a long gallery. Going from Safa to Marwa is one trip, back to Safa is trip number two. So once you return to Marwa for the fourt time you have completed Saeey.


It is the first tawaf  (going around Kaba) after entering into Makkah and is sunnah for those who perform Hajj al-Ifrad or Hajj al-Qiran. It is not a sunnah for a pilgrim who comes to perform Hajj al-Tamatt'u or Umrah, or for the residents of the holy city of Makkah."Headline"

On the eighth day of Zul-Hajj, pilgrims move to Mina for the essential final days of the Hajj.

Next morning, they travel to Arafat for the pilgrimage's central ritual: the wuquf or the "standing". From noon until sunset, Muslims pray near the site of Prophet Muhammad's peace be upon him farewell sermon.

At sundown, they go to Muzdalifah for the night and perform another wuquf.

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