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Hizb Al-Bahr


Hizb al-Bahr (Prayer of the Sea), a unique litany made of Quranic verses and supplications, is attributed to the venerated pole Mawlana Abul Hassan Shadhili (d. 656/1241). Sidna Shaykh, al-Qutb al-Maktum, Mawlana Ahmed ibn Mohammed Tijani al-Hassani (may Allah sanctify his secrets) had Hizb al-Bahr recited in his morning and evening wirds at the order of his grandfather (peace and blessing be upon him) who himself taught the litany to Shaykh Abul Hassan Shadhili (may Allah be pleased with him). The litany contains the Greatest Name of Allah (al-Ism al-A’adham) and the reading of it draws forth extraordinary majestic epiphanies. Hence  the disicple should receive an ijaza (licence) from his muqaddam to benefit from it. On the litany, the Shaykh Abul Hassan Shadhili said, “By Allah, I did not utter it except as it came from the Holy Prophet, from whose instruction I learned it. ‘Guard it;' the Holy Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) said to me, ‘for it contains the greatest name of Allah.' It is not recited in any place without security reigning there.

If it had been with the inhabitants of Baghdad, the Tatars would not have taken the city.” On the virtues of the Hizb al-Bahr, the noted Imam of Qarawiyyine Mosque, the Shaykh Sidi Ibn Abbad ar-Rundi al-Andalusi (d. 792/1377) said, “Whoever recites it every day at sunrise, Allah hears his prayer, relieves his distress, raises his standing among people, expands his breast with knowledge of the divine oneness, facilitates his concerns, lifts his hardship, keeps from him the evil of man and jinn, and protects him from the harm of mishaps of the night and day.” Further, the grand master Sidi Ahmed Zarruq al-Fasi (d. 899/1484) clarifies, “As for bringing about effects with this litany, it is commensurate with one’s aim and aspiration that one has command of it to draw or repel, intending what is desired when ones say, ‘And subject to us this sea. - wa sakh-khir lană hadhăl Bahr-'.”


حزب البحر جلالي

يقول العلامة العارف بالله سيدي أحمد سكيرج رضي الله عنه ﻓﻲ كشف البلوى في رد الفتوى المنشورة على مجلة التقوى: "و اعلم أن طريقتنا المحمدية التجانية طريقة جمال، و أذكارها كلها جمالية ، إلا ما كان من الحزب السيفي و حزب البحر، فإن التجلي على ذاكرهما أو ذاكر واحد منهما بالملازمة يقضي بالجلال الذي لا يقدر المريد في طريقتنا على حمله و لو قرأ ذلك لغير تحصيل خاصية من فضله... كما أن"طريقتنا غير مبنية على نية تحصيل الخاصية، و لا على السلوك فيها على ما جرى عليه مريدوا التربية في طرق الصوفية، بل طريقتنا طريقة شكر كما هو معروف بين أهلها". الجواهر المنتشرة في الجواب عن الأسئلة الإحدى عشرة). و هي طريقة ذات فتوحات ربانية و مقامات إحسانية و مواجد عرفانية مفاضة على أصحابها من الحضرة المحمدية ببركة الشيخ سيدي أحمد التجاني رضي الله عنه... و لقد كادت ولايته أن تعد من الحق المقطوع به حتى عند غير الأصحاب و الإخوان."


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