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Ar Rehman
(The Beneficent)

 recites for 100 times to get sharp memory.

Ya ‘Adl
(The Just)
One who eats the bread after writing this name Friday night, will obey his order.
Ya ‘Afuw
(The Pardoner)
 recite this frequently, his sins will be pardoned.
Ya Ahad
(The One)
Recitation of this1000 times opens certain secrets.
Ya Akhir
(The Last)
recites this frequently to lead good life  & a good death.
(The Most High)
recitation  helps in destiny & Traveling.
Ya Alim 
(The All Knowing)
recites this to be luminous 
 revealed by divine light (Noor).
Ya Awwal
(The First)
Recitation, 1000 times for 40 Fridays will help in getting a child.
Ya Azim
(The Great One)
 recites this frequently to get respect from others.
Ya ‘Aziz
(The Mighty)
Recite 40 times after fajr (morning) prayers for 40 days to be independent from need from others.
Ya Baatin
(The Hidden)
 recites three times in a day will be
able to see the truth in things.
Ya Badi
(The Incomparable)
reciting 70 times will be free from all troubles.
Ya Baa’is
(The Resurrector)
 reciting will gain the fear of Allah.
Ya Baqi
(The Everlasting)
reciting  100 times before sunrise will be 
saved from all disasters.
Ya Barr
(The Source of all Goodness)
 recites  for his child, the child will be free from misfortune.
Ya Basir
(The All Seeing)
 recite 100 times after Friday Prayers & have esteem  from others
Ya Basit
(The Expander)
 recite  10 times after morning Prayers with open hands will get wealth.
Ya Fattah
(The Opener)
 reciting this name will face the victory.
Ya Ghaffar
(The Forgiver)
 reciting this name, then sins will be forgiven.
Ya Ghafur
(The All Forgiving)
Recitation helps in healing
Ya Ghani
(The Self Sufficient)
 recites this to be contented
Ya Hadi
(The Guide)
 recites this frequently to gain spiritual knowledge.
Ya Hafiz
(The preserver)
 reciting this 16 times each day will be
protected from calamities.
Ya Hakam
(The Judge)
reciting this frequently @ night, 
 secrets will be revealed
Ya Hakim
(The Wise)
recite this continuously will
prevent difficulties @ work.
Ya Halim
(The Forbearing One)
recite this prevent disaster & calamity.
Ya Hamid
(The Praiseworthy) 
reciting will be loved and praised
Ya Haqq
(The Truth)
 reciting this to find lost thing.
Ya Hasib
(The Reckoner)
reciting 70 times from Thursday for 7 days/ nights & at the 71st time recites “Habiyallah ul Hasib” will be free of fears,  robbery & Jealousy.
Ya Hayy
(The Alive)
 recites this, have long life.
Ya Jaame
(The Gatherer)
 recites this to find lost family.
Ya Jabbar
(The Compeller)
Recitation  helps  prevent violence, & forces to get solutions
Ya Jalil
(The Sublime One)
recites   this name blow and drinks the water from a ceramic container made of earth, will be revered among men.
Ya Kabir
(The Most Great)
 recite this 100 times get esteem.
Ya Karim
(The Generous One):
 recites this  have esteem in this world.


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