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That's a fact! Kidney Beans actually heal and help maintain kidney function and yes, they look exactly like the human kidneys.

God knows what he is doing, and all we have to do is stop talking and listen to his small still voice that he gave us through his holy spirit. He is everywhere, and in everything. We just need to look closer.

It was enough for me to see his miracles through the creation, gestation and birth of my children. He even had me before that: with the vastness of the universe. This has just floored me, to know that he also speaks to our health through the design of the food he has placed on this earth for us to consume.

Figs have powerful antioxidants: polyphenol, the magic elixir found in green tea; high in fiber and quick energy; but they have nothing to do with sperm motility.

I’ve not quite figured out what “balance the glycemic index of diabetics” means. However, Sweet Potatoes just could be "the most perfect food."

They look like a uterus? Ovaries? Ovum?
Olives protect the heart, fight cancer, lessen the severity of asthma and arthritis, reduce blood pressure, and control blood sugar benefiting people at risk for or with diabetes.
Grapefruits, Oranges, and other Citrus
These do NOT look like “mamary” glands. The author must be a fan of John Steinbeck who, while traveling through foothills and mountains, saw boobs everywhere.
Citrus fruit is just good nutrition. The bioflavonoids support healthy blood vessels (fight hemorrhoids) and support the lymph system.
It is true that following breast cancer surgery that citrus bioflavonoids will aid in relieving lymphedema, but the movement of lymph "in and out" of the breasts is not specific target of citrus fruit; the entire lymph system is supported.
Onions support a healthy immune system but have nothing to do with removing toxins from the body. Yes, they make you cry.
Bananas, Cucumbers, and Zuchini
" . . . target the size and strength [sic.] of the male sexual organ."
It’s not true.
Male enhancement seems to be the Holy Grail of modern pharmaceutical medicine. I wasted way too much time checking this one out and found

nothing. Absolutely nothing but watermelon is Viagra.


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