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Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculo neuropathy

What is C.I.D.P

A feeling of numbness; weakness is likely to be CIDP. Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculo neuropathy is an immune-mediated Polyneuropathy(inflammatory) that affects the nerves. CIDP symptoms are a slowly progressive, with fatigue being the first symptom. Then numbness tingling, Weakness follows in the legs, or in arms. CIDP causes difficulty in walking or goinng upstairs. The first involvement is in nerves in arms and legs. In the long term. there may be some spinal cord involvement. Occasionally, cranial nerves are involved, symptoms range from visual perception difficulties, double vision, numbness involving the face, hearing disorders. Most people believe that their knee, ankles or hip joints are a problem. Muscle and spinal involvement is frequent in CIDP. Brain involvement in CIDP is misdiagnosed as MS. The involvement can be asymmetric form of polyneuropathy just involving one side of the body.

CIDP Patients

CIDP patient uses their hands to pull them as they are going upstairs or when trying to stand from a chair, due to weak legs. Burning sensations like, (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.Complex regional pain syndrome) are more likely to be CIDP.They usually are the first symptoms of small fiber neuropathy today give it a few years and small fiber neuropathy will be a part of CIDP. (TIPs for patients.

Diabetic CIDP

Disabling Diabetic neuropathy is usually CIDP. The spinal tap may show a rise in the protein level of the spinal fluid. Electromyography with nerve conduction studies may show slowing of EMG/NCV. This nerve study will be normal when the small fibers (autonomic nerves) are involved. Autonomic involvement cause feelings of (Pain and burning). The course of CIDP is remitting relapsing, it gets better and then worse again. Rarely the attacks come once a month, or couple of months apart. A normal EMG/NCV does not rule out CIDP. The NCV test is designed to measure the fastest normal fiber and in early disease will be read as normal even when the test is abnormal. Send us a copy for review. As small fiber neuropathy and proximal CIDP will both have a normal EMG/NCV. Just remember that diabetics have more CIDP and it responds to IVIg. This can start in the arms or it can start in the legs and go up. Some times it can be only on one side. The general rule is if its weak, its numb then its likely to be CIDP. Neurologist looks for proximal (neck,shoulders, arms) and distal (hands or feet) involvement before they call a diagnosis of CIDP. However a form of CIDP called DAD just has distal involvement of hand and feet and usually seen in older men. continute to next page of CIDP info

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