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8. Soften your ragged cuticles by soaking your feet and hands in warm water. Frayed cuticles leave your nails prone to infections, but clipping can damage this protective skin. Instead, soak and soften the cuticles, then gently push them back with a washcloth. Then you can blot them dry and apply cuticle oil for stronger, healthier nails.
9. Resume regular pedicures so the stubbly toes and calloused heels that have been hidden in boots are ready for sandals. Make a standing appointment in your favorite salon and enjoy the pampering that only a pedicure can provide.
10. Paint your fingers and toes in contrasting colors. Creamy pastels, pearlized nudes, and colors with sparkle and texture make up this season's palette.

Don't travel we will provide care to you anywhere in the world. New offices set to open all over the world. USA, Canada, Germany, Japan.

Contact us through email, we supply you with guidance and care anywhere in the world

low cost see ourservices

Nanotech has developed their own protocol to keep your skin looking soft and beautiful, and to remove wrinkles without surgery or botox. We take care of all skin problems .

Become Beautiful, no need to hide your beautiful looks.


We will do gum rejuvenation, teeth whitening and dark circle under eye removal for $12 , Nanotech will provide instructions for making the eye look white just like the picture above. We will turn your skin soft.

Treatment done at home, we will send instructions by email.

We will keep guiding you until all your teeth are sparkling white, most get that way in two weeks.

Dark circle removal, skin  dark spots removal protocol

Skin & Hair Beautification Based on Principals of alternative medicine. Nanotech clinic is the first medical center to offer these treatments outside of USA.

No need to purchase chemicals and expensive creams , we guide you with natural supplements available at home.

Do not use facial fillers read the alert

Treatment of all skin disorders included, wart removal, treatment of white spots, dark spots, circles around the eyes, teeth whitening.


Reduce facial swelling, tightens skin, improves tone in one day, reduces wrinkles first day.

ARE YOUR HAIR THIN AND FALLING OUT come to clinic or get a internet consultation. We have our own Mag Pulser to help reverse problem.

Any infection we can stop it with our pulser.

Do you know how to stay beautiful, we give you the supplements, the diet, the medicines!.

Get Ageless Beauty today

Complete guide to makeup and nutrition and disease prevention.

For $100 we will send you a wrinkle remover kit at home. It is a electronic unit. People in Lahore can pick the unit for  $50 as no shipping is involved.  Electronic Kit shipped world wide. Reduces facial swelling instantly. Instructions to use unit included