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How to open cans use?
* Electric can opener, and a bottle opener.

How to open Bottles?


Use the handy bottle opener.

How to wash hair?
* Wash hair in shower as one cannot easily get up and down over the tub.

How to shop?
* Accepted she cannot carry heavy things like the Costco box of 2-1gal milk containers.  So she takes out 1 bottle, gets the box with 1 in it and puts the bottle back.  I told her to look around for a cute guy and ask for help (Cute guys love to help).  She has taken me up on it!

* Stores the heavy stuff where she can get to it easily,  buys 2 little ones instead of 1 big.

Help in Showers ?
* Change the shower and bath knobs to those with big handles to get an easier grip.  Do the same with all interior doors getting.


The shower handle is very helpful

* Visite an arthritis gadget site and they have lots of stuff to help weak hands, etc.


Bath chair so you do not slip and fall


Opening Doors

Use Lever Handles to open doors.In place of ball handles


Driving help?

* Use the steering ball  installed on steering wheel, in California this is illegal but MVA can ok this with doctors orders.

For exercise?

Use these bicycle pedals for exercise .

Walking in the mall is another option for those who can still walk, as the surfaces are even, there is mall security from weather and traffic. Help is available if you fall. This is better then home.




Thanks to earl for the excellent tips on CIDP and IBM which is Inclusion body Myositis  or I.B.M disease