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Islamic scholars believe that jinn's were created a thousand years before mankind.

3)jinns have tall height 6 feet and above and some jinns have eyes like that of a cat...

4)a female jinn can give birth to jinn children after every three months , they can give birth to 40 jinn children at a time , a jinn child can walk one hour after its birth ...

5) there are two main groups of jinn's ,of different beliefs and behavior ,one of them are Muslim jinns (believer jinns) and the other evil jinns(kafir jinns).

6) Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) said if you hear the barking of dogs or the braying (shouting) of donkeys during the night , seek refuge in Allah from satan because the animals can see what you cannot see.

7) it is universally accepted that animals and human babies can see jinns , satan ,spirits which adult humans cannot see ....human babies can see jinns and other invisible things from birth to 4 years of age ....

8)just born babies cry a lot up to 3 months or 5 months and they keep looking at a single point in the room usually the ceiling of the room and start crying mostly during night as they see many supernatural beings which we adults cannot see....

9) jinns can travel around the world in a flip of an eye ...

10) jinns can see us while we cannot see them .... can see them in dreams and in human form

11) the word jinn comes from an arabic word meaning "" hidden from sight"".

12) jinns will also be held accountable on the day of qayamat by Allah for what all actions they did in this world , and then sent to paradise or hell ....

13) black magicians harm people by ordering the jinns they control to posses peoples bodies and trouble them .....

14) in order to harm a person the jinn has to enter a persons body..

15) there are many ways by which the jinn possesses a human body they are given below
a) If some one urinates in their place of existence ,example trees and old unused houses the jinn get angry and posses that person
b)if the jinn falls in love with a human male or female the jinn possesses that person .. many girls who are thought to have committed suicide  are under Jinn possession. They usually are killed by putting them underwater.
c) if harm is done to them ,they seek revenge .their nature is a vengeful one ,so their revenge is to possesses that person and cause him harm..
d) this is the most common type of possession the jinn is forced to posses a person by the black magician...

16) signs and symptoms of jinn possession
a) head aches that move from one part of the head to another, Fear
b) yellow and pale face of that person his face becomes pale yellow
c) sweating and urinating a great deal, urine smells bad.
d)heart beats very fast
e) withdrawal from society and love of loneliness
f) sleeping most of the time
g) health problems with no medical cause which doctors cannot identify inspite of their best efforts
h) over sadness and anxiety a person shall experience
i) pain in lower back and shoulders

j) The eyes of the person look like they can see through you.

17) a person must be constantly in wuzu all the time as its a protective shield against jinns .

18) to get rid of powerful jinn's in a human body we need  to read the Aitual Quarsi & last three Quls in the Quran to get rid of the Jinn more in the end....

19) a Muslim jinn will never hurt a person where as non Muslim jinn's are very dangerous they will harm or even kill a person

20) jinns are attracted to a) strong perfumes b) long women's hair c) beautiful male and female humans and thus posses them if they go out at a bad place or a bad time

21) it is said that Muslim women are usually possessed when they stand in their roof tops drying their hair after a bath..


To get rid of them in your House recite Aitual Quarsi twice at Fajar time , and twice at Magrib time for 15 days.

Spray water around the house saying "Qun Fiyya Qun"  spray on all chairs and beds and every room.

Say prayer 5 times  a day. Pray to ALLAH for protection.

You can feel the Jinn by having a feeling that someone is looking at you.