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Ya Khabir
(The Aware)
One who recites Khabir will be quickly freed from the bad habit.
Ya Khafid
(The Abaser)
Recitation of  Khafid, 70,000 times in gathering after fasting for 3 days will be safeguarded from enemy.
Ya Khaliq
(The Creator)
 Khaliq Recitation of this name at night will create an angel.
Ya Bari
(The Evolver)
Musawwir Bari Recitation of each 21 times will help women during child birth.
Ya Musawwir
(The Fashioner)
Ya Latif
(The Subtle One)
Latif who recites this name 100 times after performing two rakats of Namaz will gets all his desires fulfilled.
Ya Majeed
(The Noble)
One who recites Majeed, his heart will be enlightened.
Ya Majid
(The Most Glorious One)
One who recites Majid will gain glory.
Ya Malik
(The Sovereign Lord)
One who recites Malik frequently will be respected and treated accordingly by others.
Ya Malik-Al-Mulk
(The Eternal Owner of Sovereignty)
One who recites this name will get esteem.
Ya Maani
(The Preventer)
One who recites this name will have a good family life.
Ya Matin
(The Firm One)
One who recites this name will be freed from any troubles.
Ya Mu’akhkhir
(The Delayer)
Reciting this name 100 times helps to love only Allah.
Ya Mubdi
(The Originator)
Recitation of this name on pregnant woman will prevent her from abortion.
Ya Mughni
(The Enricher)
One who recites this name 10 times for 10 Fridays will become self sufficient.
Ya Muhaymin
(The Protector)
One who recites this name with complete ablution, their inner being will be luminous.
Ya Muhsi
(The Reckoner)
One who recites this name 1000 times will have easiness on the judgment day.
Ya Muhyi
(The giver of life)
 One who recites this name will be helped in heavy burden.
Ya Mur’id
(The Restorer)
Recitation of this name 70 times will helpful in safe return of the missing person.
Ya Mu’izz
(The Honorer)
Reciting 140 times after isha prayer will help in attaining dignity in the eyes of others.
Ya Mujib
(The Responsive)
Recitation of this name will fulfill appeals.
Ya Mu’min
(The Guardian of Faith)
One who recites this name will be free from any harm.
Ya Mumit
(The Creator of Death)
One who recites this name will be prevented from enemy.
Ya Muntaqim
(The Avenger)
One who recites this name frequently will be victorious against his enemies.
Ya Muqaddim
(The Expediter)
Recitation of this name is helpful in the battlefield
Ya Muqit
(The maintainer)
One who recites this name on a glass of water and gives this water to bad mannered child, it will help the child in attaining  good manners.
Ya Muqsit
(The Equitable)
One who recites this name will be free from the harm of the devil.
Ya Muqtadir
(The Powerful)
Recitation of this name helps to know the truth.
Ya Muta’ali
(The Most Exalted)
One who recites this name frequently will gain the benevolence of Allah.
Ya Mutakabbir
(The Majestic)
Recitation of this name before having intercourse with wife will blessed with righteous child.
Ya Muzill
(The Dishonorer)
One who recites this name 75 times will be prevented from jealousy.
Ya Naafi
(The Propitious)
One who recites this name continuously for four days will be prevented from any harm.
Ya Nur
(The Light)
One who recite this name will have inner light.
Ya Qabiz
(The Constrictor)
One who writes this name on 50 pieces of food (fruit, bread, etc) for 40 days will receive ample sustenance.
Ya Qadir
(The Able)
Recitation of this name helps in fulfilling one’s desires.
Ya Qahhar
(The subduer)
One who recites this name will be made free from the attractions of the world and gain inner peace.
Ya Qawi
(The most Strong)
One who recites this name with the intention of not being harmed, will be safe from his enemy.
Ya Qayyum
(The Self Subsisting)
One who recites this name will not fall into inadvertency.

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