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Symptoms of CIDP

When neuropathy advances  the symptoms of losing the balance become prominent, many people are not able to tell where their feet are. It becomes very easy to trip and  fall.

There are mainly three types of nerves in the Body so symptoms will vary upon what nerves are involved.

When you feel Numbness, Tingling and Pain the sensory nerves are involved.

With sensory nerves being affected you feel pains, some time like electric shocks sensations. People may feel a electric bolt come down the spine into the leg or from the neck or from the feet up the foot. The most common symptom is Numbness or feeling that your feet are sleeping. Symptoms of Autonomic Damage to nerves.

When  the autonomic nerves are involved one feels many symptoms the most common is a fall in their blood pressure drop in blood pressure and feeling of  dizziness when standing  up. This is due to small fiber involvement and in CIDP & GBS small fibers can be involved.

Difficulty in passing stools or  constipation is common.; sexual dysfunction with not being able to get a erection or it becomes weak.; There is thinning of the skin , bruising and poor healing. Again this is all due to small fiber involvement.

Finally the Motor Symptoms

In motor symptoms one feels weakness. There is difficulty in walking and there is inability to stand up after one is laying down or sitting on the ground. These people will have drop feet and drop hands, they are unable to lift up their feet or lift up their hands.

One patient presented with numbness of the lips, numbness and pain in the stomach and numbness in the feet and hands. A quick dose of steroids relived all her symptoms in a week.

A man with many years of progressive weakness presented with symptoms of numbness in both legs, he was a construction worker with a daily habit of large intake of alcohol and beer . Once he was asked to quit the beer he quickly recovered fully with simple vitamin B12/B6/B1  treatments.

A girl in London was seen with weakness of both hands and feet and she was a painter. Her home was full of lead based paint and she had a neuropathy due to lead. Simple chelating helped  her fully improve. You can chelate with Cilantro. For a homepathic chelator use Plumbum Met

A man from New Zealand who developed small fiber due to spraying pestacide in his field. Had weakness, numbness and fatigue.


The most common cause of neuropathy in the World was Leprosy caused by a infection and treated promptly is fully reversible, the one symptom seen in Leprosy is white depigmented spots of the skin. Today autoimmune disease and small fiber are leadind cause & type of neuropathy worlwide.

Inflammatory neuropathy or Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculopathy neuropathy is the most common form of undiagnosed under treated or poorly treated neuropathy in the World. Diabetic neuropathy is a inflmmatory neuropathy too.

Again this condition is fully reversible within three to four weeks .

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Updated 6/20/ 2020