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Katrina Kaif

6 Katrina was born in Hong Kong but lived in Hawaii till she was 14, before moving to England, and finally Mumbai. She has travelled across China, France, Switzerland, Poland, Japan, Belgium, Poland and other European countries. 7 Katrina was home-schooled by her mother Suzanne, with the aid of correspondence courses..

Princess  Katrina

Princess  Katrina

#1. Katrina is half-Brit and half-Indian. Her father, Mohammad Kaif is a businessman (of Kashmiri descent), and he moved to the US after divorcing her mother (who's lawyer and social worker). She has seven siblings and has gone on record to say that her father had no contribution in her upbringing.
#2. Her real name is Katrina Turquotte. Ayesha Shroff, the producer of Boom (Katrina's debut Bollywood film) made her change it to Kaif so that the audience relate to her as an Indian.
#3. Katrina was born in Hong Kong, and has lived in various countries around the world growing up, including Japan, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Poland. At the age of 14, she moved to Hawaii (where she got her first modelling assignment), later moving to London, where she lived for three years.
#4. She's the first EVER Bollywood actor to have a barbie doll modelled on her, joining the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor.
#5. Along with acting and modelling, Katrina's other interests include painting. And she's quite a chess player too... Aamir Khan was once quoted saying that he almost lost a game of chess to her!
#6. Kat is a BIG admirer of Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp, closer home her fave actors are Madhuri Dixit Nene and Kajol.
#7. Even though she has been living in India for more than a decade now, Katrina is still a UK citizen and stays here on work visa.

Katrina Kaif our Global Leader in the war against disease Top Movie Star in the World.

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