Guide to Cancer

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by:Gerson, Charlotte

NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY Food grown on deficient soil which is fertilized with artificial fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is deficient in nutrients. That is very nice: three minerals. Food requires 52 minerals. Where is the calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron and iodine? They are not in the soil, and they are not in the food. Where are you going to get them? If you take vitamin supplements when you are toxic, your body will not absorb those pills. Nutrients have to be fresh and alive. It is very unfortunate that it is more expensive, but you have to have food that is free of poison and organically grown on rich soil, properly fertilized with the proper nutrients so that the food contains those nutrients. If disease is caused by toxicity and deficiency, we have to get rid of the toxins, the fertilizers and the sprays. When we are deficient we get diseases. The plants also get diseases and the bugs and fungus attack them. So the farmers have to do something or lose their crops. So what do they do? They poison it. They spray poison, chemicals, insecticides, fungicides, pesticides and so on. It goes into the plants, and don't think you can wash it out. There is no way you can get rid of it. Even if you do get rid of it, you still have deficient food. You can't heal toxic deficient people with toxic deficient food.

TOXIC CHEMICALS We get toxicity from the chemicals in food, chemicals from the soil and sprays, and chemicals used in processing, preservatives, emulsifiers and dyes. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved 10,000 food chemicals as safe. A number of years ago, Red Dye #2 was labelled as safe; five years later it was found to be a carcinogen. After that they introduced Red Dye #5, and who's to say which additive is safe today? There are no drugs or chemicals that are safe to take, whether doctor-prescribed drugs, street drugs or over the counter drugs, they are all toxic.

DRUGS Drugs don't heal. They do nothing but suppress symptoms. People go to the doctor partly to get rid of the symptoms which are uncomfortable, but they want to get well, be well and stay well. There are no drugs, not one, that isn't toxic to the liver. Drugs have never cured anything. They can only suppress symptoms temporarily until they cause a new disease. So drugs are not the answer.

FLUORIDE On top of that you have toxic water. Fluoride is poison, rat poison. It is an enzyme inhibitor. Drs. Dean Burke and John Yamouiyannis showed that fluoridated cities with similar populations have 10% greater cancer rates than their sister cities. Fluoride mottles the teeth, makes the bones brittle, causes allergies and causes cancer. Let us assume that fluoride prevents cavities which it doesn't. Would you like to bury your child with leukemia but a perfect set of teeth? And don't think that fluoride in your toothpaste isn't absorbed into your body. It is absorbed very rapidly.

BAKING SODA Now they are putting baking soda into toothpaste.Sodium stimulates tumor growth. It interferes with body function. You need high potassium and low sodium, the same ratio it has in fresh live foods. We had a patient who had been treated for colon cancer, her tumors had disappeared and she was fine. Seven months later the tumors were back. We knew the therapy was working for her, so we asked her what she had been doing. She had been following all the right procedures, but told us her dentist had told her to brush her teeth with baking soda, in other words sodium bicarbonate. That was enough to cause her tumors to grow again. We told her to cut it out immediately and sure enough, the tumors went away. So it is not much, but it doesn't take much to hurt a cancer patient.

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