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        Mobile Cell phones and Cancer
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 Cell Phones cause Cancer

Regular use of mobile telephones increases the risk of developing tumours, a new scientific study by Israeli researchers and published in the American Journal of Epidemiology revealed on Friday.

An extract of the report seen by Israel's Yedoit Aharonot newspaper put the risk of developing a parotid gland tumour nearly 50 percent higher for frequent mobile phone users -- more than 22 hours a month.

The risk was still higher if users clamped the phone to the same ear, did not use hands-free devices or were in rural areas.

"Analysis restricted to regular users or to conditions that may yield higher levels of exposure (eg heavy use in rural areas) showed consistently elevated risks," said an abstract of the report in the US journal made available to AFP.

The study included 402 benign and 58 malignant incident cases of parotid gland tumour diagnosed in Israel at age 18 years or more, in 2001-2003.

The research was led by Dr Siegal Sadetzki, a cancer and radiation expert at the Chaim Sheba Medical Centre in Israel and as part of a World Health Organisation project.

A WorldHealth Organization panel says cellphones should be listed as ‘possible’ cancer-causers, in the same category as coffee and gasoline exhaust.

The panel says there is no proof of a connection, but research suggests a link with two brain cancers.

Brawley says anyone concerned should use an ear-piece, and hold the phone away from your body.

WWJ spoke with several metro Detroiters: “I’m a cancer survivor myself, so you know, they need to stay on top of that to make sure it’s safe,” says one man.

Doctors who were asked stated the patients who used the cell phones frequently ended up getting brain cancers on the same side.



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